JERUSALEM: Jordan blames Israel for killing Jordanian man who tried to stab an Israeli policeman to death with a knife

Jordan condemned Israel after a policeman, repeatedly stabbed by a Jordanian terrorist in Jerusalem Saturday, defended himself by shooting his attacker dead.

WIN  “The Israeli government, which is the occupying force, bears responsibility for the shooting of a Jordanian citizen in occupied East Jerusalem which led to his martyrdom,” stated Jordanian government spokesman Mohammad Momani. “The government denounces this heinous crime (by the policeman) and has asked Israel to provide full details about it,” Momani added.

The attacker, identified as Muhammad Abdullah Salim al-Kassji, who entered Israel several days ago, attempted to stab the officer in the neck and head with a knife near the Lions’ Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City. The victim managed to shoot al-Kassji, who succumbed to his wounds. The policeman was evacuated to a Jerusalem hospital in moderate condition after shooting the terrorist dead.

Two knives used in the attack

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office released a statement condemning the Jordanian government’s response. “It is outrageous to hear the backing of the Jordanian government spokesman for the terrorist attack in the Old City of Jerusalem,” the statement read.

“A security video (below) clearly shows a Jordanian tourist stabbing an Israeli policeman with a knife. It’s time for Jordan to stop this double game. Just as Israel condemns terrorist attacks in Jordan, Jordan must condemn attacks in Israel.”