MUSLIM? After 11 Londoners were stabbed to death in just 16 days, another man dies after brutal stabbing attack in the heavily Muslim area of East London

A senior detective fighting knife crime in London warned today that police are engaged in the “business of murder suppression” as they battle to contain the rise in the number of stabbings.

Evening Standard  A man has died after being stabbed in broad daylight in east London, the latest in a surge of fatal knife attacks in the capital. Paramedics tried to resuscitate the man, in his 40s, for about an hour after they found him in Eagling Close, in Bow, at 4.31pm on Saturday.

Officers had been called to the street amid reports of an “altercation”, where they found the man suffering from suspected stab injuries, a Met Police spokeswoman said. He was pronounced dead at the scene at 5.37pm.

Two (Muslim?) men were arrested nearby in connection with the incident. It come just a day after the Standard launched an investigation into the capital’s knife crime epidemic, with 11 Londoners killed in just 16 days.

Also in East London, man with meat cleaver ‘threatens Jewish 8-year-old girl’ shouting “you Jews run away from here before I kill you.”

MIRROR  The man was caught on CCTV waving the knife in the street and reportedly threatened an eight-year-old Jewish girl as well as a sho keeper.  He allegedly shouted the threat as he ran out of a Kosher food shop in Hackney, east London last night. The man can be seen in the footage below holding the meat cleaver at arms length and making jabbing motions.


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  1. By far not a Britain only problem. Upon close look you can find that pattern in virtually any big western European city with a large Muslim community.

  2. Well, looks like the Brits has lost a set of family jewels, time to take your country back from the International communist in your gov, whom are
    the one’s taking your country, using 1 Muslim at a time. America has already started this process. If you do not do these things, I will say it now, C-YA !

    We in the United States have similar problems, here it is Communism versus Capitalism and the left are now communist, they have redefined a
    voting process into a coupe, and are doing things in crimes to stop the removal process of the last 60-80 years where these socialist
    progressiveness things, where put into action, currently is being removed. Progressive is just another name for communist. This is the same thing now
    as once was back in the 1750 to current.

  3. The stabbings are practically all in the areas which are heavily populated by blacks or Muslims, usually gang on gang-related crime involving drugs. The police had their stop and search powers taken away after howls of ‘victimisation’ of ethnics.

  4. Well didn’t the MUZSLIME mayor make it perfectly clear that these and worse were to be expected. I guarantee you he is totally GLEEFULLY about these things. Nothing is going to get better in Europe. I am a Spirit Flled Christian who adheres to a futurist eschatology, who absolutely hates izslime, and I am here to tell you that macron, “Immanuel” Macron is the antiChrist. Do yourself a favor and search Macron of France the antichrist. I have studied prophecy over many years and I can absolutely tell you that he fits the description perfectly and at the perfect time. People get ready there’s a train a coming, you don’t need no baggage you just get on board, all you need is faith to hear the diesels hummin, you don’t need no ticket you just thank the Lord.” .. Curtis Mayfield

  5. OMG! So many stabbings! If I lived there I’d be afraid to go out on the street. How lucky I am to live in a town where I’m safe on the streets.

  6. This is nuts. Where I live the law is the law. I see some British cops are not armed with guns. Mind Boggling to me. As police here in my country not only have tasers, pepper spray and a pistol side arm with both live and rubber bullets. There is shot guns between the the seats of the cop cars.

    If this is not enough then there is circulating heavily armed (machine gun) tactical units that are called in to deal with a situation.

    It doesn’t matter if you are a Muslim or christian. The law is the law and if you commit a crime. The police hear about it. They will take you down.

    But likewise officers are also tasked with public relations too. If you see them on foot patrol hanging around major urban areas or festivals. They may talk your ear off and you can as questions as a citizen about things cops do and why and they’ll answer them.

    While nothing perfect. This uncontrolled rape issue’s were seeing in europe and Britian. It presently wouldn’t happen here. The rapist picture would be in the newspaper and his face black and blue with the judge asking who did it to him, and the cop saying i don’t know.

    That’s how the people feel about rape where I live. You don’t want to get caught for rape. The rapist will pay dearly for it.

  7. I wish that englandistan would use it’s majority to pass laws to boot out and to start deporting mus slums. Imagine voting in a mus slum mayor while you still had the majority. This defines stupid. It takes away my desire to be sympathetic to the people in London who voted in a mus slum mayor. Never hire or vote in a mus slum or you will suffer the consequences. England has now allowed over 400 hardened war terrorist mus slum monsters back into their country. What could go wrong with that decision? England will now have to ban all pointy and sharp things like screw drivers, knives and so on because it has now been proven that sharp pointy things kill. The answer would be to ban mus slums.

  8. Hey London England how do you like having a muslim mayor now ? He won’t prosecute any muslims for their crimes ! You wanted Muslims now deal with them .

  9. Religion of peace Lol. This is what happens when foul lefties start swamping cities with these primitive savages. Soon whites will be moving out of London because itll be too dangerous to stay LOL. Ah well keep believing the lies and closing your eyes

  10. Didn’t the Muslim mayor of London say the people should expect more terrorism and he sounded like he was saying they should accept it. I guess this is what the people of London wanted when they elected a savage for mayor. And ofc the police are told to keep quiet about the nature or relegion of the savages doing the stabbing. Thats why Jaydn and her friend were arrested recently. They failed to remain silent about the horrors that are taking place in the UK.

  11. When guns are outlawed, only moslems will have knives …
    The concept of being completely helpless against perpetrators and dependent on police to mop up the blood is utterly foreign to me.

  12. There is no such thing as no go zones in England the whole country is a no go zone the savage population is about 4 percent well that’s the official narrative the London I knew as a youngster is like Karachi nothing but cheap curry houses and dirt everywhere it was cleaner in the nineteenth century

  13. May this mans soul RIP. So how many more stabbings is it going to take for the British to wake up?

    • In excess of 100,000 white British schoolgirls were groomed, raped, prostituted and tortured for decades by Muslim’s. The great British public still doesn’t appear to have awoken to that. Now let me ask you. If a single Muslim schoolgirl suffered a similar fate at the hands of white supremacists do you think we would ever have heard the end of it? I don’t. We are sleep walking to our own distruction. Lions apparently being lead (they are supposed to be our servant’s) by traitor’s.

  14. I know this is a bit racist, but why is it that Muslims cause problems everywhere they go?

  15. London is rife with teenage knife culture – as is the rest of the country. The report only mentions murders. Stabbings are in their hundreds a week. This is not religious – it is cultural – it is related to poverty, sink estates, gangs, drugs, and single parent upbringings (i.e. lacking father figures).

    Just recently moped muggings have become prevalent.

    This is NOT a safe city. The police and authorities are too scared to be deemed ‘racists’ to carry out ‘stop and search’ – but it is mainly black teens against black teens.

    Having said that a typical town XXXX near Heathrow has a large migrant population from Somalia – its a no go area in the evenings and at night. The local MacD’s had a real problem with fighting youths, windows broken, the mainly young female staff being threatened. The kids in school uniform would come from their extra-curricular religious classes all ‘holier than though’ and then start causing trouble, presumably beiieving that they were invincible.

    The police are never seen patrolling the town. A few days ago someone was stabbed in the local MacD’s, and a day later a policeman was beaten up in front of a baying crowd. There has been stabbing murders in previous years – all due to ‘mental illness.’

    And it has a Mosque.