TEXAS: Groesbeck parents upset over Islamic indoctrination of their child in a public school

FYI: In the video below, you will see the superintendent telling the reporter that all religions get equal treatment in that school. What he isn’t saying is the chapter on Islam in most today’s history textbooks(provided free of charge by Qatar and Saudi Arabia) contain as many as 36 pages, while all the other religions together are lumped together in only 1 or 2 pages.

KWTX  The mother of a Groesbeck intermediate school student says she’s upset about homework assigned about Islam that her daughter was assigned.

“It was on her laptop and she was reading about the Quran and my husband saw her and asked her what she was reading and we happened to look at the paper and that’s how we found it,” Wilburn said. Wilburn says she takes issue with the second page of the two-page assignment, on which students were asked to list the five tenets of Islam required for salvation.

“It’s just they’ve taken God and other things out of the schools but yet they’re going to push this in there secretly to me and I don’t think it’s right.” Wilburn said. Wilburn told her mother, Polly Macias, about the homework and Macias took to social media to share the concerns, and contacted KWTX.

Groesbeck School Superintendent Dr. Harold Ramm, who has been in education for nearly five decades, says the teacher was just following curriculum put out by the state, “The textbook meets the Texas standards,” he said.

(If those standards are set by Common Core, there is an emphasis on Islam in the books because the Islamic nation of Qatar provides most of the funding for Common Core)