LAS VEGAS: Mosque puts up billboards that say “Make America Great with Islam”

At first glance, it appears as though President Trump’s campaign signs have popped up on billboards around Las Vegas. But upon closer inspection, the “Make America Great” message has been co-opted by a local mosque to push Islam.

Truth Revolt (h/t Susan K) The signs that appear in several locations near the Vegas strip read, “Making America great with love, compassion, and mercy.” Then there is a telephone number and website to reach “Why Islam.” The billboards were paid for by Masjid As Sabur, the first Muslim community organization for the Las Vegas area created back in the early 1970s.

The mosque has hosted the likes of Muhammad Ali, his daughter Laila, and Mike Tyson. Also sponsoring the messages, according to 8 News Now, is the Al-Maun Neighborly Needs of Las Vegas.

But not all local residents consider this a neighborly sign and made their feelings known on 8 News Now’s Facebook post:

“When Muslims start to openly condemn terrorism and the attacks on Christians and Jews and embrace American culture we can talk. Until then, this all propaganda. 
“This billboard also implies that Americans are not compassionate. What Muslim country invaded the beaches of Normandy? America has shown more compassion and sacrifices more than all Muslim countries combined.
Here’s a thought, hang that billboard in Palestine and ask the Muslims there to show this love to Israel.”
“Muslims can increase their respect by helping US to identify our enemy.”
“Thanks tho, we’re good”