SAN DIEGO: MORE parents demand that CAIR-sponsored “Special Treatment for Muslim Students Only” and “Islam-teaching” in public schools be stopped NOW!

Fourteen more well-informed citizens spoke out against Islamization of public schools in San Diego. Four Somali Muslim fundamentalists spoke out in favor of starting the process of converting our public schools into madrassas and mosques.

About 50,000 Muslims from terrorist lands have been resettled in San Diego during the Obama era and to a lesser degree under Bush and Clinton. They from a large voting block and have a big presence in some schools. For this reason they have a lot of political clout and want to practice Islam theocracy in the public schools.

h/t Patriot Fire

Fighting designated terrorist group CAIR and the Islamic indoctrination agenda being pushed in public schools.

The San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) has teamed up with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a radical Islamic organization, to devise and enforce an unconsitutional “anti-Islamophobia” bullying program. As part of this program, Muslim students get special protections and additional access to resources, while students of other faiths are excluded.

Should public school districts favor one religious group over another? Why are Muslim students protected under this anti-bullying program but not Jewish students? Or Asian Americans? 

The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund is representing several concerned parents in challenging SDUSD’s unconstitutional favoritsm of Muslms in federal court. We do not charge for our services. That’s why we need your help! Only with your support can we stop CAIR’s Islamic indoctrination/protection agenda and secure religious equality for ALL students.

Thank you for helping these parents and the rest of the local San Diego community!


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