When she gives the commencement address at City University of New York, will Hamas-supporter Linda Sarsour also be promoting the joys of sharia and killing Jews?

Fake feminazi Muslim activist, Linda Sarsour and her anti-Israel, anti-America, pro-BDS, pro-sharia positions are likely to be well-received by graduates of the School of Public Health and Health Policy at the uber-liberal City University of NY, scheduled for June 1st, despite the fact that there is a large population of Jewish students at the school.

In the past, Sarsour has tweeted that “nothing is creepier than Zionism” and said that anti-Islamist writers Brigitte Gabriel and Ayaan Hirsi Ali deserve an “ass whipping” and that she wishes she could have their “vaginas taken away” for their opposition to Sharia law, which she supports.

Sarsour, one of the leaders of the feminist anti-Trump Women’s March, is the daughter of Palestinian Arab immigrants, and is a long-time anti-Israel activist and Sharia law apologist. Sarsour praised stone-throwing terrorists targeting Jews, calling such attacks “the definition of courage.” Sarsour admitted that several of her relatives in Israel were arrested for alleged ties to the Hamas terror group.

JPost  In a recent interview, she said one cannot be part of the feminist movement unless he or she is critical of Israel’s “occupation” of the Judea & Samaria (mislabeled the West Bank). Sarsour was also highly criticized for publicly supporting convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh at a conference advocating for the boycott of Israel last month.

What Linda Sarsour advocates for – boycotts against Jewish businesses in Israel and random acts of violence against the innocent. Nothing good can come of Ms. Sarsour telling young people, with CUNY’s imprimatur, that violence against the innocent for any reason at all is acceptable or courageous.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a Brooklyn Democrat says, “This wolf in sheep’s clothing has fooled some of the people, but her tweets and the things she’s said on stage betray her fondness for violence against Jews. This is something New York State-funded schools should distance themselves from, not tacitly approve.”