Yet another politician (Australian) ignorant of the fact that Indonesia is NOT a so-called ‘moderate’ Islamic country

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull talks about “moderation, tolerance and respect” working hand in hand with democracy in Indonesia. 

UK Daily Mail  (h/t Sara S) Senator Pauline Hanson has slammed Malcolm Turnbull for praising Indonesia as a moderate Islamic nation and ‘a great example to the world’. 

The One Nation Party leader took to Twitter on Friday to savage the prime minister for claiming Indonesia, the largest majority Muslim country in the world, lived in harmony. ‘In Indonesia, politicians are jailed for insulting Islam and gays are flogged. Yet Turnbull praised it as a moderate Islamic nation,’ she said. (See more at links below video)

TURNBULL joins Vice President Mike Pence and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in mutual ignorance or denial of the truth:

DAMN IT, Mike Pence, educate yourself about Muslims in Indonesia before you start declaring that “Indonesia’s ‘moderate’ Islam is an inspiration to the world”

Is this the same Indonesia that Hillary Clinton held up as “proof that modernity and Islam can coexist?”

“MODERATE” INDONESIA: Protest against a Christian governor turns violent as more than 100,000 Muslims demand death for Christian governor who “blasphemed” Islam