NORTH CAROLINA: Awesome and gutsy sign at Lakeside Fellowship Church

A small church in Mooresville, North Carolina, is causing a big ruckus with its controversial, yet factual sign. Below is one of the messages to passersby, courtesy of Lakeside Fellowship Presbyterian Church. The pastor and the current congregation say Lakeside is speaking God’s truth.

Charlotte Observer  While many churches hope to gain a smile with postings like “God answers knee mail,” Lakeside Fellowship favors a different approach to public outreach. In an online tab entitled “About our Signs,” Lakeside describes itself as a “Bible believing church” that tries to abide by scriptures and the commands of Christ.

“We don’t hate anyone. We do want to speak the Truth, and feel that very few are willing to do so in this age of political correctness,” the web page says. “Don’t fall prey to the hypocrisy of being prejudiced against those who you think are prejudiced nor intolerant of those who you think are intolerant.”

Several posts on the church’s Facebook page celebrate what the authors describe as Lakeside’s biblical grounding and the friendliness of the congregation. “They don’t hate anyone,” one writer said. “If you have never been inside, do not judge.”

The public commentary on the church sign roams across a number of secular matters – from the debate over Muslim immigration to bathroom right and presidential politics.

But critics say the church’s inflammatory and divisive messages are legitimate grounds for criticism. The reactions from area residents have veered from support for the church’s adherence to biblical principles to expressions of disbelief.

“I drive by this church every day and the signs displayed are increasingly hostile towards Muslims and basically anybody who isn’t a bigot or a Trump supporter,” one post on the church’s Facebook page reads.

“That sign puts a bad face on Christianity as a whole.”

“I’ve learned to turn a blind eye to the church because you never know what’s coming on that sign,” says Bob Ucman.

And there’s this one: “Your so-called church is a blasphemous representation of true Christianity.”

Facebook poster Gina Mann: “If you and your parishioners wish to worship in such a (hateful) way, you need to keep it inside the walls of your narrow-minded church,” she wrote.