MANCHESTER: Even the latest Muslim terrorist attack changes nothing

 In the formerly Great Britain, it is still “If you see something, say NOTHING,” unless you don’t mind being  called a “racist” or an “Islamophobe” or getting charged with anti-Muslim hate speech for pointing out a suspicious-beheaving Muslim in the street.

By Friday, all the candlelight vigils will be over, the flowers dead, the teddy bears rain-soaked and all the Twitter prayers and celebrity platitudes will have faded away. Everything will go back to normal, the new normal, save for a few extra soldiers and police on the streets tying up traffic…while funeral processions bury the dead.

PM Theresa May has raised the terror alert level from Severe to Critical…as if that would have stopped the Manchester attack or the next one which seems imminent.’Critical’ is represented by the color Red. So what do we do – hide under the bed? Nobody can stop a Muslim willing to blow himself up at a stadium or drive a truck into a large crowd of innocent people. 

In London, the MUSLIM mayor says, “In a big city, you have to get used to Islamic terrorist attacks.” They are  the new normal and the shelf life for mourning them gets shorter and shorter with each new attack…the number of which is sure to skyrocket as Muslims continue to flood Europe. 

h/t Emma