BRAVO TO SAN DIEGO PARENTS for filing law-suit against San Diego United School Board for its new policy that provides special treatment for Muslim students only

The San Diego United school board calls it an “anti-Islamophobia” policy which singles out Muslim students as a ‘privileged class’ that needs special protection against alleged bullying. Even worse, the policy will force all students to study the religion of Islam in public school classrooms in conjunction with guidelines provided by designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) who advises schools on Islamic indoctrination of non-Muslim students.

School board members are lying about the true intent of this pro-Islam curriculum. This has nothing to do with bullying and everything to do with Islamic indoctrination in American schools sanctioned by Qatari-funded Common Core and directed by CAIR.

Below is the CAIR Guide for Educators as applies to how Muslim students’ religious demands should be accommodated in public schools as well as what should be taught about Islam in the classroom.

CAIR’s Guide to Sharia-Compliant Public Schools

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