NOT A SYRIAN REFUGEE IN SIGHT as African Muslim invaders posing as ‘refugees’ and ‘asylum seekers’ are being rescued by European bleeding heart leftists

“1,000 (African Muslim) ‘asylum seekers’ rescued by the Italian Coast Guard.” This is the same kind of headline that we are seeing on a regular basis as hundreds of thousands of African Muslims are being dumped in Europe every year as population replacements. These people are NOT refugees and most are NOT from Syria. They are uneducated, unskilled, economic opportunists looking for the best welfare handouts Europe can provide.

al-Jazeera  (h/t Maurice) About 1,000 asylum seekers stranded in the Mediterranean after setting off from Libya prompted a massive rescue effort with hundreds being saved.  

Four Italian Coast Guard ships went out to recover the asylum seekers on Tuesday from at least 11 rafts and barges trying to reach European shores. Joining the Italians were vessels belonging to the UN’s Save the Children, the SOS Mediterranee, and the German NGO Jugend Rettet.

According to reports by the Jugend Rettet, its crew witnessed shots fired from a ship with Libyan Coast Guard markings in the direction of one raft. A photo posted on Twitter suggests the Libyan Coast Guard boarded one raft and held passengers at gun point.

Jugend Rettet also said several boats were pushed back into Libyan waters, which would represent a violation of the non-refoulement principle. Under this principle of international law, asylum seekers are not to be returned to a country where they face danger of persecution.

The head of the United Nations refugee agency, Filippo Grandi, urged Libyan authorities to free all asylum seekers and refugees from its detention centres, describing the conditions as “shocking.”