C’MON FOX NEWS, now’s your chance to make British commentator, Katie Hopkins, a permanent addition to your line-up

LEFT WING FASCISTS take down another truth-teller about Islamic terrorism. Katie Hopkins has been dumped by LBC radio following days of Twitter fury and threatened boycotts over her tweet calling for a ‘final solution’ to the problem of Muslim violence.

Spiked-Online  (h/t Larry A) Whatever you think of Katie, you should still be worried that she has lost her job at the behest of a clamouring mob of self-righteous tweeters and bleaters. Was Hopkins’ tweet, which she posted on the evening of the Manchester attack, offensive? Yep. ‘22 dead – number rising… Do not be a part of the problem. We need a final solution’, she typed.

It’s one thing to be offended by something (you can be offended by whatever you like) – it’s quite another to mobilize your feelings of offence to the end of getting someone sacked, and by extension warning everyone else in public life that if they say anything like this, if they venture too far from the realm of Acceptable Thought, then they too will face fury, punishment and potentially the loss of their livelihood.

NO, people don’t have a right to a radio show, but if they have a radio show and it is taken away from them at the fuming request of liberals who don’t understand the first thing about liberty, then that absolutely is a free-speech issue. Then it is unquestionably an act that falls under the banner, somewhere, of censorship.

What we have discovered is that small but noisy gangs of ostentatious offence-takers have assumed the authority to shape public and media life to their tastes. They are crowing over Hopkins’ sacking, but what they’re really crowing over is their power to expel deplorables from the media sphere, their right to police the parameters of Acceptable Thought and forbid entry to anyone who doesn’t morally measure up. ‘Hurrah, Hopkins is gone’ translates into ‘Say something we don’t like and you’re finished’. Who’s next? I’m sure they’re already thinking about that.