UK Government reports that there are approximately 23,000 Islamic jihadists in Britain, NOT 3,000 as previously reported

So why did they just lower the terror alert level from ‘Critical’ to ‘Severe’ following a few more arrests made after the Manchester Muslim massacre which slaughtered 22 and injured nearly 60?  The government is now assessing the likelihood of another Islamic terrorist attack to be “highly likely,” as opposed to “imminent.”

Yes, but with at least seven times more jihadists than previously estimated, shouldn’t the terror alert remain at the highest levels?

Breitbart  The reduction is likely to have stemmed from the flurry of arrests in recent days, with 11 individuals now in police custody. British counter-terror boss Mark Rowley said a “large part” of the terror network that had been connected to bomber Salman Abedi had been dismantled by the arrests, But he said there were still “gaps in our understanding” of the plot, as investigators probed Abedi’s potential links to jihadis in Britain, Europe, Libya and the Middle East.

Despite that there were still “gaps in our understanding” of the conspiracy to kill, he said. The Prime Minister said “a significant amount of police activity” and the fresh arrests had contributed to an improved overall security picture, meaning the terror threat level could be knocked down a notch.

Government sources have confessed that there are at least 23,000 jihadists in Britain – more than seven times higher than previously revealed. Apparently, they can’t even keep track of the 3,000 jihadists they thought they had. What are they going to to about 23,000 now?

Breitbart  (h/t Emma) Until recently, the public had been led to believe there were around 3,000 known jihadists in Britain, with 500 being subject to active investigations led by MI5. Whitehall officials have now disclosed that a further 20,000 individuals have been identified as posing a “residual risk”, according to The Times.

Khalid Masood, who ran down a number of pedestrians and stabbed a police constable to death outside the Palace of Westminster in March 2017, was among the pool of individuals who had been reported to the authorities but was not under active surveillance.

Manchester Arena killer Salman Abedi, a son of Libyan refugees with Islamist links, had also been reported to the authorities, but, as with Masood, “limited resources” allowed him to slip through the surveillance net.

Senior National Co-ordinator for Counter-Terrorism Neil Basu revealed that terror suspects are being arrested “on a near daily basis” in Britain shortly after the Westminster attack – an early hint at the scale of the challenge which Britain faces.

Anthony Glees, the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies director who recently estimated the number of jihadists in Britain at “between 6,000 and 10,000”, described the Whitehall revelations as “horrifying”. “To have 23,000 potential killers in our midst is horrifying. We should double the size of MI5, as we did in World War Two, and expand the number of intelligence-led police by thousands,” he said.

“We can’t go on as if this wasn’t happening.”

Colonel Richard Kemp, a former member of the COBRA committee and Joint Intelligence Committee, as well as commander of British forces in Helmand, Afghanistan, has also called for robust action, saying that all foreign nationals on the terror watch list who cannot be prosecuted should be deported or interned.

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  1. Looks like the terror alert level shouldn’t have been lowered, another terror attack on London bridge just a few days after this post.

      • No, it wouldn’t have, and that’s the whole
        point.Reacting instead of acting isn’t
        going to do any good ever here, and that
        should be blatantly obvious by now. Of
        course if you have a completely different
        agenda then the people you represent,
        none of it matters anyway.Mislabeling the
        stages of disaster for example, with the
        word,” imminently”,being wasted in the
        CRITICAL level definition,when it should
        be called that instead, or,” inevitable”, in
        its place.The muslims just look at it as
        an opportunity to inflict damage, no matter any classification.They are like
        Japanese Giant Hornets in their approach
        numberswise,because they can and no
        one will stop them beforehand,and ferret
        them out and destroy them.The leftists
        and the lowlifes,including most if not all
        government,will be dealt with later by the
        muslims in bloody gratitude for the help.
        So,what next? More of the same, with the
        PM Theresa “liar,liar”deciding to go
        after hate on the internet.Yeah,that’s where the problem is.Election is 06/08.

    • They are refusing to accept the obvious truth of what is going on. Lowering that alert was absurd, and this is what they get for doing so. I am losing what little sympathy I have left for the UK. Reserving that sympathy for those who are fed up and know the truth but don’t dare speak out about it.

      Who voted these dingbats into Parliament anyway?

  2. 23,000 Jihadists in Britain equates with around 1/2 % of the muslim population. But we know that many more support Jihad.

    So, then. How many actual Jihadists ? 500,000 ? 1,000,000 ?

  3. No, Nigel Farage. The problem is NOT much worse than we thought. It is much worse than we were TOLD. In any case, fine speaker though he is, Farage STILL does not get it re muslims and mass immigration.

  4. There are far more Muslims in Britain and Europe than is reported.

    British and European leaders are filled with loathing and hate for Jews and Christians. Although they’re not Muslims, their hearts belong to the same god the Muslims worship.

    All the Dark Powers of Evil are united against the Innocent and the Good.

    Extremist-Linked Sadiq Khan Elected London Mayor – Goodbye, London
    Liberty GB

  5. What a surprise-Parliament lies!

    IF I were to go on a vacation, my first choice is Poland, the land of my ancestors. I am friends with a Polish woman from Krakow. She told me there is a direct flight from New York (or maybe Newark, I forget) to Poland. No stopovers. It flys over all the countries that have been muzzslime invaded and lands in one that is fighting furiously to keep them out. Wish I had enough money to go. Also Prague–the Golden City. The UK would always have been my first choice, but never again.

    I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or get angry (or all three) about Britain. Last land invasion-the year 1066. Ruling monarchs kept them out (think: Spanish Armada). They have sunk from a ruler like Elizabeth I to a wimpy Parliament that thinks the UK doesn’t have a culture of its own and sees nothing wrong with the death of their native born. The Caliphate of the UK is becoming a reality. Someone, please prove me wrong.

      • Great to hear that. My friend Maria occasionally goes back to Krakow to see family. She is an American citizen. Sorry to say she is almost the only one I can have real conversations with. It is unbelievable how ill-informed (and not even caring) most people here are. Maria is busy caring for her home-bound husband so I send her some BNI links and YT videos that she would be interested in as far as Poland and Eastern Europe is concerned. She is VERY proud of Poland and its refusal regarding taking in the “refugees”.

  6. “ROBUST ACTION NEEDED” concerning the Multi-Thousands of Islamist Terrorists living off of the British Citizens.
    Remember, it is only a “Hop,Skip & a Jump” to board a plane for the USA. Our Federal Judiciary has rolled out the “Welcome to America of Open Borders”. ROBUST ACTION??

  7. Finally we begin to see mention in Britain of internment as part of a solution. Maybe someone has been reading history, WW2 in particular, looking for answers!

    Clearly though, authorities have lied about the true number of terrorists and their networks all along. The people of Britain need to rise up and kick out the government and arrest and prosecute all responsible for bringing about the present dire situation.

    • I hear there is a white genocide in South Africa, 74000 dead whites out of a population of 3 million over the last 20 years in SA. That the fatality rate of white farmers exceeds that of the police force ( SA has the third highest murder rate in the world).

      I reckon you have far greater problems to worry about. Of course the media do not cover this genocide because these days brown and black skin color types can do no wrong and Whiteman is wicked and deserves all types of evil.

      • Iceman: I have heard about what is going on in S Africa. It is terrible. I think the whites should just cut their losses & run!

  8. Wow 23,000 terrorists, they should be very proud of themselves. So essentially you can be bombed and slaughtered just walking down the street etc. Its illegal to drive without a seat belt as they care about your health and welfare but perfectly fine for a terrorist to simply walk into the country, stay there and kill ya.

  9. They knew there were more than 3000 muzslime killers, living among the good folk of Britain, for many years. They know there are more than 23,000 of them now. Truth be told every single muzslime on the planet is a murdering thug. No one can be considered safe from any male, female, or child muzslime. Izslime was birthed in murder and violence and that is ALL it can be. If you are standing near a muzslime at any time any place you are in danger. THAT is the simple absolute truth!!!!!

    • a great deal of muslims are born from rape, pedophilic forced marriages, and they are always the 5th or 6th in the family, total lack of mother’s love & attention

  10. If you look for “threat level charts” UK online, you find that some charts have “CRITICAL” as the maximum threat level; while other charts have “SEVERE” as the maximum threat level. I question whether the threat level was deliberately reduced by the UK. More likely there was a misunderstanding because many charts such as the EU chart shown above, do not include the real highest threat level which is “CRITICAL.” This is really not much different from a typographical error or copy editing error. Probably meaningless.

  11. Rounding down 23K to 3K…. according to the new, politically correct, common cause fake math …. the same math Algore uses for his Global Warming weather forecast calculations ?

  12. ‘Manchester Arena killer Salman Abedi, had also been reported to the authorities, but, as with Masood, “limited resources” allowed him to slip through the surveillance net.’

    The reason that Britain’s government has “limited resources” that allow Muslim terrorists to savagely slaughter huge number of innocents is because the money urgently needed for security is spent on UK leaders TOP PRIORITY — colonising our tiny island nation with Muslims as fast as possible.

    80% of the 54 million Muslims in Britain and Europe live on welfare benefits.

    Britain is Islamic Paradise on Earth where Muslims are not required to work but relax and live the best life in a lifetime-long holiday vacation. Going on shopping sprees with cell phones in hand. Picnics in scenic parks and on beaches. Trips back to the home countries.

    Many Muslims have multiple wives. British leaders financially support with welfare their Big Favourites — Muslim males and their four or more baby factory wives, giving each Muslim male about 20 children each. All supported by British infidels.

    One Muslim male in England said he has so many children, he can’t remember their names.

    Generous welfare benefits enable Muslim terrorists to undergo training at terrorist training camps.

    Hundreds of Muslims who joined ISIS and perpetrated satanic atrocities, beheadings, barbaric slaughters, gang rapes and sex slavery of Christians and Yazidis have been WELCOMED back into Britain by highly supportive UK leaders.

    Champagne socialists — British leaders are content and happy. Muslim terrorists will NEVER target them.

  13. The most under-the-skin-going picture in your article for me is the little happy blond boy on the Times title page. I makes me wonder: will he:
    a) exist as Dhimmi
    b) be beheaded
    c) convert to Islam
    d) is there a chance that his parents and grand parents get off their arses and fight the dangers he will be engulfed in, if they do nothing. Fight them by what ever means they have: Voting, protesting physically, being activ online, talking not when it’s safe but when it’s necessary !

    PS: BNI – you are doing great work

  14. President Trumps Homeland Security team lead by ICE is doing a better job of rounding up MS13 gang members then the UK is at rounding up jihadists. Why is it everytime one of these savages decides to kill innocents, its always after the fact when we find out the savage was on a watch list. So I ask you, what the hell are they watching? Instead of watching shouldn’t they be rounding thes SOBs up and sending their asses back to the shit holes they crawled out of.

  15. for years the liberal politicians,MSM and “moderate” muslims had bombarded us with notion that only tiny minority and very small number of muslims that become terrorists, i dont know number of muslims in UK but 23000 certainly dont sound like “tiny minority”, remember you only need 12 muslim terrorists to kill 3000 Americans