DEARBORNISTAN MUSLIM nutjob suing Little Caesars Pizza for $100 million claiming he was served pepperoni made with pork, which is prohibited by Islamic law.

Mohamad Bazzi is the plaintiff in the mega-dollar lawsuit, reports The Detroit Free Press. Bazzi, 32, claims that he specifically ordered halal pepperoni pizza on two separate occasions from a Little Caesars in Dearborn but received  pork pepperoni instead.

Daily Caller  Both pizza boxes he received were labeled “halal,” according to the lawsuit. According to Bazzi’s attorney, Majed Moughni, the second time Bazzi received pork pepperoni was on Wednesday of this week — just before the start of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting .

The lawsuit, filed in Wayne County Circuit Court, claims that the first incident occurred back on March 20. Bazzi and his wife were in their home enjoying a Little Caesars pizza they’d picked up earlier. The couple was halfway finished with the pizza, the suit claims, when they suddenly realized they were eating pork pepperoni.

Bazzi’s wife says she knew the pepperoni was pork because she is a convert to Islam who grew up Catholic. Bazzi also has experience with pizza ingredients, he says, because he once worked at a pizza joint.