RUN! HIDE! TELL! London police bring back their 3-step solution for fighting terrorism

During the midst of Saturday’s latest Islamic terrorist attack in London, the city’s Metropolitan police department tweeted an infographic giving the public a three-step plan to respond to the attack. “Run. Hide. Tell,” read the three points on the infographic.

The Blaze (h/t Emma)  For most Londoners, the plan makes the most sense. That’s because citizens in the United Kingdom are generally prohibited from carrying concealed weapons that would help fend off an attack, like a concealed handgun.

Indeed, video and images taken from the scene around Saturday’s attack showed people running away or hiding under tables in restaurants. Some witnesses even said they saw cops running away from the attackers because many of them don’t have guns, either.

Many restaurant patrons were forced to fight back against the three attackers, who possessed long knives and were indiscriminately stabbing people, with nothing but chairs and random objects like pint glasses. Needless to say, the Metropolitan police department’s tweet quickly became a laughing stock among Americans.