Won’t be posting anything new until later tonight or tomorrow because of a sick horse.

I just adopted a Rescue horse, who was going to be sent to the killers a few days ago. The vet came yesterday to give her a series of required shots. A few hours later she colicked which can quickly become fatal in a horse. Apparently the combination of injections was a bit too much for her small, thin body (nobody knows the last time she got these yearly shots) and she broke out in hives and started to colic. The vet came back and the horse seemed to be better when I left the barn last night. She seems OK today but I am going out there to make sure.

 For any horse people out there, she’s a 15.2 hand Thoroughbred bay mare, age 15. She has a tattoo so I was able to check her lineage. She’s a granddaughter of Northern Dancer and only raced once. Her registered name is ‘Northern Woman’ but I am calling her ‘Lola.’ She’s very cute.

Let me know if there are any more Ramadan terrorist attacks while I’m away.