AUSTRALIA: That’s right, address the effects of Islamic terrorism, NOT the cause

Bourke Street and Federation Square in Melbourne to get temporary concrete traffic barriers to prevent Islamic terror attacks. So, instead of stopping Muslim immigration and deporting Muslim terrorist suspects on the watch list, they will ensure that terrorists choose a place where there are no barriers to carry out vehicular jihad on innocent pedestrians.

Herald Sun (h/t Sara S)  Federation Square and Bourke Street are among many places in Melbourne’s CBD that will get temporary bollards to prevent Islamic terror attacks. Premier Daniel Andrews announced this morning that concrete structures would be placed at the sites from as early as today.

It comes after the London and Manchester Islamic terror attacks in recent weeks and the Bourke Street terror attack, where a driver killed pedestrians in Melbourne’s CBD. A (Muslim) man shouting “Allahu Akbar” deliberately drove into pedestrians, killing five and injuring more than 20, in the center of Australia’s second largest city of Melbourne, but police tried to claim the incident was not Islamic terrorism-related (even though it was).

A siren system was also revealed in that report as part of a $10 million safety upgrade. The temporary concrete bollards will be introduced to stop unauthorised vehicle access to popular public places such as Federation Square or the MCG.

Mr Andrews said they would be rolled out in the coming days with permanent structures put in place later this year. (I guess that means people will have to get used to Muslim terrorist attacks as part of living in a big city?)

“Permanent bollards take some time to set up so we thought it would be appropriate, and I have directed, that temporary bollards be put in place here at Federation Square, Bourke St and a number of other sites.”

Electronic bollards will be set up across tram tracks to stop events like Bourke St from reoccurring, Mr Andrews said. “There is no time to be wasted here”. The move comes despite Police Minister Lisa Neville’s claim that Melbourne is not experiencing a terror crisis. (So how many Muslim terror attacks constitute a terror crisis?)

“We do not have any heightened risk.” “We would be dangerously wrong to think reform to bail, reform to parole would be the end of dealing with these threats” “There is much more that we need to do.”