UPDATED! ‘CALIPHORNIA’ Travis Air Force Base on lockdown, alleged active shooter

Two Security drills were scheduled to take place today but this security incident reportedly is unrelated to the planned drills.

Heavy  NBC San Francisco’s Sergio Quintana quoted an official at the base saying “security forces are responding to some type of shooting incident.”

Those at the base are being told to stay away from windows and lock their doors, according to CBS Sacramento’s Sam Shane. Meanwhile, incoming aircraft have been told the all landings at the base are suspended. Angela Greenwood, also of CBS Sacramento, tweeted that air force personnel have not confirmed the “active shooter” reports. The main gate to the base has been closed.


KCRA  The security incident at Travis Air Force Base was a false alarm, base officials said Wednesday. There was a planned security drill at the base earlier in the day. The Air Force Base said people were on high alert after an employee reported hearing a gunshot outside the base exchange.

Col. John Klein says the call came from an employee who claims to have heard a single shot outside the base. “We think it was derived from essentially a heightened sense of awareness based on number one, the exercise and actually some of the incidents that have happened around the country in the last few days,” Col. John Klein said.

Travis Air Force Base released the following statement on Facebook: “Travis Air Force Base emergency personnel responded to reports of gun shots at the Base Exchange. However, it was determined to be a false alarm. The base is no longer under lockdown. We take every security incident seriously.”