AUSTRALIAN TAXPAYERS…did you know you are giving your illegal alien Muslim invaders $53 million in “compensation” for being detained in substandard accommodations?

The Australian government has agreed pay (US 53 million dollars) in “compensation” to 1,905  Third World Muslim scroungers posing as refugees for the alleged “suffering” they incurred in the offshore detention centers in which they were placed after illegally entering the country.

Sudanese Muslim supremacists, Sami Ahmed Abdullah and Abdul Aziz Muhamat, can’t believe it was so easy to get huge cash windfall  from the stupid kuffar in Australia

New Observer  The invaders claimed they had “suffered harm” while being held on Papau New Guinea’s Manus Island between 2012 and 2016. (Oh, Boo Hoo, you break into a country illegally and then make yourself a victim?)

The invaders alleged their time on Manus Island caused them “physical and psychological harm,” that they had been “falsely imprisoned after PNG’s Supreme Court ruled their detention was illegal,” and that the government had “breached its duty of care by holding them in conditions that did not meet Australian standards.”

Muslims on Manus Island stage a hunger strike to protest conditions. Looks like they haven’t had a meal in about 2 hours

Other complaints included in the law suit included the allegations that:

* Detainees often had to queue for hours to receive meals each day.

* Detainees had to request toilet paper on an as-needs basis.

* The medical center did not have a permanent or full-time psychiatrist despite 30 per cent of detainees presenting with some form of mental health issue.

* The authorities “did not adequately respond” to reports the perimeter fence was inadequate to stop asylum seekers attempting suicide by drowning themselves in the sea; and

* Detainees had limited access to condoms despite a number having sexually transmitted diseases.

The government said it “strongly denied” the allegations but that settling was a “prudent” (insane) decision.

The Manus case was due to be heard in the Victoria Supreme Court today, but shortly before the trial began, lawyers for the claimants said the government and its service providers had offered a last minute settlement. They also offered to cover costs estimated to be more than A$20m.

Australia’s Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said the government “strongly refutes and denies the claims made in these proceedings”.

In a statement, he said that had the case gone to trial it would have cost “tens of millions of dollars in legal fees alone, with an unknown outcome”, and the government decided a settlement was a “prudent outcome for Australian taxpayers”.

Australia has insisted that no-one held on Manus or Nauru will ever be re-settled in Australia. The offshore detention policy has proven to be highly effective in deterring would-be invaders, as only yesterday the Australian prime minister boasted that more than 1,000 days had passed without a successful people-smuggling expedition to Australia.

More than 500 of the invaders involved in the group action are working with the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM) to return to their country of origin.

BRING THEM HERE?  So I guess that means you protesters will be hosting your share of these Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and jihadists in your homes?