CZECH REPUBLIC: Time for “Czexit?”

According to renowned former Czech President, Václav Klaus, “It is time to start preparing the Czech Republic for an exit from the European Union, as the only way to “save the country from the European Commission’s mandatory quotas for taking in Muslim invaders posing as refugees.

Klaus is no proponent of political correctness, either, judging by what he said about Obama:

InvestmentWatchdog  “We protest against the attempt to punish us and to force us into submission (a very Islamic-lsounding command),” said Klaus.. The Czech Republic according to Klaus refuses to be flooded with foreigners who only want to dominate, not assimilate. He sees to no reason to turn a majority Christian country into an Islamic hellhole.

Apparently, the current Czech president, Milos Zeman, concurs:

Furthermore, the subsidies received from the EU, which Brussels is threatening to cut off  for non-compliance with quotas according to Klaus, is neither wanted nor needed by his country. 

“It’s time to start preparing the exit of our country from the European union. It’s the only way our state, which we inherited from our ancestors will be the same country we have an obligation to pass on to future generations.”

Vlad Tepesblog