“MY AMERICAN HOMETOWN IS GONE” thanks to Obama using my town as a dumping ground for Muslim invaders

Did you know that approx. 15,726 MUSLIM invaders posing as refugees have been allowed to enter America just since inauguration day? As you know, the courts have repeatedly blocked Donald Trump’s efforts to put a time out on travel and immigration from several Muslim countries.

Thermidormag (h/t RF)  Loretta Brady has written a first-hand account of what even relatively small numbers of Muslims are doing to American towns and local economies. You know how bad European countries have become because of mass Muslim immigration, where Muslims comprise anywhere from 2% to 12% of the population. It’s getting bad here, too, where Muslims still only comprise 1% of the total population.

Loretta writes:

I’m from the Utica, NY area. Utica is the city nicknamed by the UN “the city that loves refugees! Soon every American city will be a city that loves refugees! Get ready! So I would like to tell you what it is like living in an area where the major city is about 25% (or more) refugee, mainly Muslim.

Below are new mosques in Utica.

I had lived in New York City for several years but moved back to the Utica area in upstate New York where I married and had children. When I moved back home one of the first things I noticed was that an old Methodist church was being converted into a bright shiny white new mosque. The local paper touted this as immense progress and featured a local woman who had attended the church as a child and was positively brimming with joy it was being turned into a mosque. If that is the general sentiment, then it’s odd that my county went for Trump, right? There are at least two mosques in the city now. They just built another.

Utica had always been the city that loves refugees but under Obama things accelerated. MUSLIM immigrants were suddenly in these local bureaucratic positions where they had power over you. This, in what is probably one of the most corrupt states in the union, where the power of the state is everything.

The social worker at my daughter’s school was a MUSLIM immigrant. I looked for her profile on the school website, I googled her, I could not find information on her background, resume, qualifications, or educational attainments.

When I began to homeschool my daughter the administrator to whom I had to submit paperwork was a Muslim immigrant. To homeschool in New York State you must submit detailed quarterly reports to an administrator at your local school district. I googled the administrator. He also worked at the local Board of Cooperative Educational Services, but I could not find any other information on his background, resume, qualifications, or educational attainments.

Right before we moved I went to the ER. The nurse practitioner was a MUSLIM immigrant (Bosnia), and the doctor she worked under was a MUSLIM immigrant (Pakistan). I remember how during the visit I suddenly became very aware of the cross I always wear around my neck.

In 2012 on the way home from my daughter’s piano lesson, I left my children in the car, ran into the supermarket for ten minutes, and came out to find a man outside my car who informed me he had called the police. In a small town like this one, it was not unheard of to do this, especially as it was a cool day. I spent half my childhood hanging out in the car with my brother while my mother did errands.

Long story short, the  CPS worker who investigated me was MUSLIM.

So let me summarize: the social worker at the school is MUSLIM, the administrator who ok’s homeschooling is MUSLIM, the CPS worker is MUSLIM, the nurse practitioner at the ER is MUSLIM, the doctor at the ER is MUSLIM. These are positions of authority that wield a lot of power.

The spring before we moved Utica made national news because of a federal grant to the local community college (two million dollars) for a (MUSLIM immigrant) professor to teach teenage (MUSLIM) refugees how to build drones. 

I looked up the MUSLIM immigrant professor on Linked In. It was an odd career trajectory. It looked like he had been a soccer coach a few years before. It wasn’t exactly clear to me how he had landed his present job where he was getting federal money to train MUSLIMS to build drones, but, hey, that’s the Obama era for you.

In 2015, a 26-year-old Bosnian MUSLIM refugee in Utica was arrested for supporting ISIS. The local paper reported that in his spare time when he wasn’t supporting ISIS, he enjoyed mixed martial arts fighting at the local gym. Local law enforcement complained they hadn’t been informed of the investigation. You know and I know that if anything happens, local law enforcement are the first responders.

I went to a couple Trump rallies and meetings in Upstate NY before we moved. When I mentioned the arrest of this ISIS supporter to a local businessman at one of the meetings, he got a very serious look and said Utica was full of ISIS and the local police were really worried. The Trump meetings were emotional. The organizer picked a donut shop whose owner was friendly to the Trump platform so we could talk. Everyone went around the table and introduced themselves. Two of the women cried. New York State is not doing well.

My husband, a carpenter, lost two jobs in three years in Upstate NY. Not by any fault of his own- he is a very skilled, dedicated, experienced, hard worker- but because his bosses went out of business.

The Upstate New York economy is one of the worst in the country. That’s why it’s a good place to resettle the MUSLIM hordes. At one point, both my husband and I were unemployed with 4 children to feed, and reluctantly applied for food stamps to tide us over until we found jobs again. But the Department of Social Services rejected my application several times without reason.

Why was it so hard for my family to get food stamps?  The Department of Social Services in my area is swamped because of the MUSLIM refugees. 25% of the city are MUSLIM refugees. Virtually all of the MUSLIM refugees are on welfare. And when they apply for welfare, they don’t do so as an independent entity, as I did. They go through their refugee resettlement agency who deals with the Department of Social Services for them. So basically Americans get the short shrift, and refugees get taken care of.

But that’s not all. 

New York State sued our local school district for trying to separate teenage MUSLIM refugees from the rest of the students. I went to a CLE where I sat next to a lawyer for the school district, and she was freaking out over this lawsuit. She was like, The state is coming after us, and we don’t have any money. My county is a Democrat county, and Trump won my county. Issues like this are why. Americans can see that they are being forced to accommodate non-Americans to their own detriment and expense.

There is TB in Utica…a lot of it.  Obama stopped screening foreigners for TB, which America has been doing since before the days of Ellis Island, and the MUSLIM refugees are from places where TB is endemic. 

The local Walmart is full of MUSLIM headscarves and burkas. I cried when I went into my first Walmart in North Carolina and all I saw were Americans.  The nice lady who asked me to give a talk a couple months ago on my hometown asked me if there were any MUSLIM refugees who were an “asset to the community”. I replied that they do not consider themselves part of your community, so if they are going to be an asset to any community, it is not going to be yours.

Below is a photo of renovated housing in which large numbers of welfare-dependent MUSLIMS get to live. This was taken during a weekday and none of them were working. This is in an area where low-income Americans, white and black, languish in subpar housing, while MUSLIMS (mainly Somali) get preferential housing.


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  1. This story makes my stomach turn – and the photos are infuriating! I can only imagine how hard it was for you to not stop the car and march up to that house and throw all their crap out into the street!

  2. This is how they take over — stealthily and peacefully. It used to be with the sword, but no longer. They get control of local governments, then national government, and the next thing will be paying taxes to them, and if we don’t like it, the sword will come out again, so to speak. The koran calls for a “caliphate”, which means taking over the world. Do some research to learn about people who will force their “religion” on us, or behead us.

  3. The passing reference to high TB rates in Mohammadian infested areas is true. Add measles to the mix. This is truly mind boggling as a healer to see our advances in health become negated by “religious preferences” to not treat or vaccinate for these diseases.
    John Bolton succinctly put it best by saying “your religious preferences does not protect you from killing fellow human beings in the practice of your faith.”
    I would say this: insist your doctor order a “interferon gold TB blood test” ( more accurate for detecting TB exposure. Also get your kid tested for measles titers before the next school year if you have mohammadians in your school system.
    If low…vaccinate!

  4. There are few things more heartbreaking than to see the disintegration of one’s home town, and all the memories we hold of its past. How can anyone be against Trump’s ban?

  5. Absolutely bl**dy appalling- I’m speechless and very very angry. I’m in Oz & yes, the same happens here. I’ve a Muslim man living in the apartment above me who harasses me – not because I’m white but because I’m a Christian with a (Jewish) Mezuzah at the entrance to my unit. This man, who claims to be aged 74, (I’d take 20 years off that!), has not contributed one cent to grow the Aussie economy yet he enjoys everything, EVERYTHING, all FREE and all from Taxpayers. Why? And he harasses me- & ive worked my lifetime, part-time from 14 y/o then full-time from 17 y/o. If I found out that my taxes paid his airfare I wouldn’t be surprised.
    Throw the ruddy lot out of our countries & fast before they destroy all that we hold dear. Muslims HATE you and they HATE me and no, you nor I will ever truly understand that. Fight back by pushing them back and while we still can. Our children need us to fix this wrong.

  6. Dear Abu, I let a Muslim girl give me oral sex …. later she told me she had TB …. am I at risk for Tuberculosis of my tube (root) ? Yours in Allah, Omar

  7. Here in Spain is happening the same thing 🙁 .This is very very unpleasant, your neighborhood changes in a very short time, bars are closing, halal shops appear, greengrocers …. and the most amazing: women disappear from the Streets while Muslim men swarm through the streets without any purpose, because they do not work.To the minaret of that new mosque (disgusting) they will put a loudspeaker and call the prayer several times a day.I feel sorry for you … but you Neighborhood is doomed.

  8. Heartbreaking and serious story, thanks for posting BNI. It should be outrage to all Americans how the country is being hoodwinked.

  9. What a horror story. I guess once they start moving in you’d have to sell your house ASAP before it’s value plummets into the depths of the Marianna Trench

  10. Very sad. I wonder about my hometown, too. I wonder where the whitest Non Muslum areas are. Montana? Nebraska?

  11. We have seen them destroy Europe with this same approach (obumhead’s gub’mt / deep state) and with this, they are destroying the USA, now. People are not waking up fast enough and if and when they do, it will be too much, too little, too late.

  12. Train daily in martial arts, firearms combat and military tactics. Always carry iron. Read ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu. Read ‘A Book of Five Rings” by Musashi. Read ‘The Sword of No Sword: Life of the Master Warrior Tesshu’ by John Stevens.

    Lightning slashes the Spring wind!

  13. Things are ONLY going to get WORSE. There is truly nothing we can do other than arm up and be ready for their attempted take over. I guarantee you these Devils are preparing for war, and being heavely armed.

  14. Obama and Clintons sole purpose was is to destroy America by way of demoralizing us and Islamic domination over our laws and traditions in which eventually causing a war/revolution within America, the evil psychopath progressives want to redesign this country into a one world satanic control with America is on the top of their list due to our power. Europe too is in the fight of their life and country, yet their leaders are progressive Satanist members and the people are loosing quickly with NO protection/NO rights; we must wake up and see the truth muslims did not leave their countries because of wars they left under the Imans directions and training for their CALIPHATE on the world IT IS A INVASION thanks to Berry Obama/Clintons/sores/Rockerfellas/Bush Families. To win against this coup de ta we must stand with TRUMP and all PATRIOTS otherwise we are DEAD by 2025.

  15. I should have posted that the state of Victoria in Australia (Bendigo) has given permission for Muslim Vermin to build a Mosque Terrorist centre.There have been big and sometimes violent protests against this Mosque shit hole but once again the majority are ignored.In my own area in Sydney the corrupt Bankstown council have given the nod to another Mosque against community wishes and also Muslim Vermin pushing for a Muslim gated community in Queensland….my country Australia is being betrayed on an industrial scale………We need people like Senator Bernardi,Pauline Hanson to represent us.Time to Fight Back Aussies if you don’t want to live in a Labor/Green/Sharia nightmare.

  16. As the generation that fought and died to save us from Fascism fades and the memory of their sacrifice grows dim we are faced with destruction of our liberties again.We now have evil forces such as The American Democrats,Australian and British Labour and the European left who are determined to replace Democracy with a type of Chaotic/Green/Islamic/Fascist movement.Part of their strategy is to use Democracy against itself by importing Muslim Scum and Violent third world Parasites who vote and support the left to achieve their own aims…Please look at Sweden to see how all of this works.Another weapon is the use and miss use of language where freedom of speech and thought can be criminalised by crude corruption and thought speak.The best we can hope for is strong leaders like Trump and perhaps civil war to destroy the 7th Century Monster (Islamic Vermin).As the destructive legacy of Obama and other criminals unfold other forces are watching very closely….the Chinese and Russians will liquidate their Muslim rats in a heart once Europe,America and Democracy have been white-anted…a change of civilisation from the west to the east is well on the cards.

  17. That`s insane.
    And how can a christian watch with joy a church being turned into a mosque?
    What an useful idiot.
    I feel sorry for this family, as we all know muslims and blacks hate whites, I`m sorry but the best thing she can do to her family now is to move to the whitest city nearby or in a different state, it`s simply not worth endure every single day surrounded by muslims, her children are also at risk

  18. You have to expect this in a state where Hellery lives . Move if you can and quickly be for something bad happens to you or one of your daughter’s if you have any . Sweden is now A rape land for these people .