Is a Pakistani Muslim ‘bar’ & restaurant owner really closing down because of anti-Muslim death threats?

The Muslim owner of “ZaZa Bar & Bites” in Galveston says he is closing his establishment because of anti-Muslim harassment. But not everyone is buying this explanation. The fact that a Muslim (forbidden to be anywhere near alcohol), owns a bar, should send up the red flags.

Houston Chronicle  According to Asad Khan , “I shut ZaZa down because of death threats towards me via phone calls.” “In the last seven weeks or so (the) calls become worse. I did not enjoy being called “sand ni**er” or people telling me that I will die in ZaZa.”

Some people on social media have accused Khan of fabricating the story. He refutes allegations that financial troubles are the actual the reason for the shutter, adding that this business was not his sole source of income. 

However, there might be another reason for the harassment. Khan is a Muslim. Muslims are not allowed to drink or even handle alcoholic beverages, much less sell them for profit. So the harassment, which allegedly included bacon vandalism on the front of the restaurant, could just as easily have been done by Muslims who consider Khan a blasphemer for mocking Islam by selling liquor to unbelievers.

Allah’s Messenger (Mohammed) invoked the curse of Allah on ten people in connection with wine: the wine-presser, the one who has it pressed, the one who drinks it, the one who conveys it, the one to whom it is conveyed, the one who serves it, the one who sells it, the one who benefits from the price paid for it, the one who buys it, and the one for whom it is bought.

Others believe that Khan fabricated the story (to get media attention and pity) and the real reason for shutting down is slow business The closing comes at the peak of Galveston’s tourism season.

Khan claims, “I opened ZaZa (as) a happy little fun project; this was supposed to (be) fun and love. Never did I think that people in Galveston are so closed-minded,” he said. “People want me dead because of me being a Muslim. I am honestly sick to my stomach. And frankly, fearful.”

(People don’t want you dead because you are a Muslim, but there are Muslims who want you dead because you have insulted Islam)