MIAMI man faces ’25 YEARS’ in jail just for leaving an anti-Muslim voicemail at a mosque

Gee, Muslims who actually kill people usually don’t get a 25-year sentence in the notorious far left wing courts of Miami. Feds accuse a security guard of threatening the Islamic Center of Greater Miami. He didn’t actually do anything, he just threatened by voicemail and email.

LocalABC10  When Gerald Wallace (below) was charged in federal court a few weeks ago, he faced a charge of making a threat against the Islamic Center of Greater Miami and its members – a charge punishable by up to five years in prison. But, on Thursday, federal prosecutors announced much more serious charges against Wallace, accusing him of committing a hate crime. If convicted, Wallace faces up to 25 years in prison.

Gerald Sloane Wallace, 35, also sent threatening emails, according to the FBI. He said he wanted to tell as many Muslims as he could that he hated Islam. When no one answered the phone, he left a voicemail on Feb. 19th, according to the FBI that lashed out at Islam, the prophet Mohammed, the Koran and threatened to come to the mosque and shoot its members. 

Miami Gardens police officers arrested him shortly after the calls. During an interrogation, authorities said Wallace confessed to hating Muslims since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks in New York City and said that he has thought about killing Muslims in the U.S. 

Wallace also told authorities that he wants the U.S. government to force all Muslims to leave the U.S. The Department of Justice announced Thursday that he was facing additional charges. Wallace faced a charge for the interstate transmission of a threatening communication for leaving the threatening voicemail. He was also charged with obstructing the free exercise of religious beliefs for threatening to shoot members of the mosque.  If convicted of both counts, Wallace faces a maximum penalty of 25 years in federal prison. 

“We were very disturbed by the message he left and our congregation was very scared,” said Imam Dr. Abdul Hamid Samra. “We try to build bridges,” he said. “We are peaceful people. We want to live in peace and we love safety and security not only for ourselves but for everyone.” (CRAP. Samra should be locked up for lying)