MORE THAN 1200 illegal alien Muslim invaders ferried to Europe by NGO and faith-based human traffickers in 10 hours

Thousands of African Muslim economic freeloaders posing as refugees have been ‘rescued’ from rubber rafts and crammed into boats in just 10 hours – in a huge joint ‘rescue’ operation by faith-based charities and NGOs. The invaders on the makeshift rafts, hoping to make it to Europe, were from across Africa with nations including Nigeria, the Congo, Mali and Sudan.

Britain First  The Italian coastguard has rescued around 800 Muslim invaders. The operation followed the interception of 906 invaders off the coast of the western Libyan city of Sabratha. The Spanish aid organization, Proactive Open Arms, also saved some 600 migrants who had left Libya bound for southern Sicily.

UK Express  From dawn until dusk on Saturday, packed-out vessels sailed into international waters as hundreds flee Libya every day. The European Union has wasted £78million backing the embattled Libyan Government and its ‘official’ coastguard, while militia run riot in the country.

However, the deal has failed to protect lives in Libya, or crossings to Italy. Those NGOs helping to rescue migrant wannabes in the water have been stunned by the decision by the EU, under the Malta Declaration, to try and stop boats. (Australia did it and the boats stopped)

Yesterday, it was those NGOs, funded by ordinary citizens, who helped mainly Muslim male invaders to reach the first stop on their way to Western Europe’s welfare havens.

Directed by the MSCC in Rome the NGOs were called out between 5am and 3pm. Some boats were already deflating (intentionally) or had been missing for hours when rescue teams swooped in to provide Muslim freeloaders, jihadists, and rapists with lifejackets and safe passage to Italy.

Tightly controlled rescue missions took place with lifeguards, doctors, and experienced sailors from Spanish NGO Proactica Open Arms launching first at 5am local time. As daylight broke, a raft with 112 onboard, including 22 minors (under 40), was rescued by Proactiva.

Meanwhile, more rubber boats, made by smugglers to cross the Med were found by charities in the Search and Rescue (SAR) zone 13 miles outside of Tripoli.

Testimony from those saving lives at sea has claimed if they were not there, thousands would perish on the perilous crossing. (Hmmmm)