BNI MUST SEE! “Muslims have contributed nothing to the West but terrorism, so why do you expect them to love you?”

Following the attack by a non-Muslim outside a London mosque, Egyptian TV host Youssef al-Husseini has some harsh words…for Muslims:

“The terror attack that unfortunately took place in London]was a vehicular attack. This time, it was near a mosque. In all the previous vehicular attacks, at least in 2016 and 2017, the “heroes” were, unfortunately, Muslims. And then people wonder why they hate us. Why do they hate us?! If they didn’t, there would be something mentally wrong with them.  Muslims use weapons all the time, slaughter people all the time, flay people all the time, burn people alive all the time, run people over all the time, and plant explosive devices and car bombs all the time. Why do you still expect them to love you?