FRANCE: Van driver killed in fireball crash after illegal alien African Muslim invaders block Calais road with tree trunks

A van driver was killed when he crashed into a tail-back on a motorway near Calais, northern France, where UK-bound illegal migrants had blocked the road with tree trunks, causing the Polish-registered van to burst into flames when it crashed into trucks. 

UK Telegraph  (h/t Mary) A spokesman for the Prefecture du Pas-de-Calais said: “This van hit one of the three trucks stopped by the block and set alight. The identity of the driver is not known at this stage, considering the state of the body.” “Nine Eritrean illegal migrants found in one of the heavy goods trucks held up by the roadblock were arrested. They were taken into custody.”

For years Calais has been a base for Muslim invaders from the Middle East and Africa trying to reach Britain illegally. Last year the French government shut down a sprawling camp known as “The Jungle” that housed thousands, insisting it had dealt with the problem.  But it has seen a return of invaders to the area in recent months.

They regularly try to stop trucks bound for Britain via Calais, throwing branches or other objects onto the roadways to slow or bring vehicles to a halt so that they can slip into the cargo-section and hide.

Such roadblocks have caused accidents in the past but this is the first time they have been linked to a death, according to the official. One police source said there had been an increase in such incidents in recent weeks. 

“The security forces currently in place just cannot cope. It’s not just Calais itself that need protecting; it’s the approach roads too. Since Calais’ “Jungle” closed, hundreds of illegals have been squatting in the streets of Paris, notably at Porte de la Chapelle.