“I’m a Muslim, fuck Swedes, Swedes are racists,” roared 3 Muslim invaders, who tried to rob a homeless man and beat up a handicapped man on crutches in Sweden

Three Arab Muslims posing as refugees, aged 45, 38, & 32 (below), not only tried to steal the wallet and belongings of a homeless man seeking shelter in the central station in Gävle, they also beat up a disabled man on crutches, and harassed a teenager, both of whom were witnesses to the attack.

Fria Tider  The victim of the beating said they punched him hard on his upper body, face, and chin and then kicked him in the leg. During the beating, one of the Arabs accused Swedes of racism and a war on Muslims as a reason for the abuse. He also kept shouting, “I am Muslim, fuck Swedes.”

A 17-year-old boy who witnessed the attack confirmed the victim’s testimony, adding that the Muslims hurled anti-Swedish slurs at the homeless man. After they finished with the disabled man, they began to harass the teen, humiliating him by forcing him to dance with one of the attackers, while they tried to steal his wallet, cell phone, and watch.

Unbelievably, but typical of the lenience given Muslims by Swedish courts, the Muslim attackers were NOT charged with a hate crime and were given slap-on-the-wrist sentences. The 38-year-old Algerian was sentenced to 16 months in prison after being convicted of assault and attempted aggravated theft. The 32-year-old Moroccan was convicted of the same offenses but sentenced to just 8 months. The 45-year-old, who is a citizen of France, received a 6-month prison sentence for assault, after being acquitted of attempted aggravated theft.

Below are the Muslim attackers caught on CCTV.