WISCONSIN MUSLIM charged with storming a Milwaukee courthouse and making “terrorist threats”

According to a criminal complaint on June 15th, officials were dispatched to the U.S. Courthouse after a report that a Muslim subject, Mohamed Hamden, began fighting with a U.S. Marshal while shouting “I’m gonna kill you all” as well as “Allah” and “Bomb.”

FOX6  A security officer at the courthouse told investigators that the suspect, later identified as Mohamad Hamdan of Milwaukee, parked his vehicle in front of the courthouse and walked into the building yelling loudly in  Arabic, saying things like “Mohammed,” “Allah,” “jihad” and “Malakum.” He asked “Where are the Marshals?” When asked where he needed to be, he said “I am a Marshal.” When asked for identification, he began yelling “Jihad” and “Malakum.”

When a U.S. Marshal asked the suspect whether he had any business at the courthouse, he responded by calling the Marshal the “N-word,” the complaint says. The U.S. Marshal tried to escort the man out, but he moved closer to the inside of the building. The Marshal eventually got him out of the building — to the front steps of the courthouse.

There, he “began pacing back and forth,” yelling “in an Arabic language and also in English.” He told the Marshals “(expletive) you guys,” and called them the “N-word.” The complaint says the suspect appeared to be talking on a cell phone — which was later recovered, and it was determined that it hadn’t been powered on.

Hamdan in 2016 and 2017 was charged with misdemeanor battery (domestic abuse), disorderly conduct (domestic abuse) and bail jumping — a condition of his bond that he commit no further crimes.