GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY student snowflakes object to the term “radical Islamic terrorism” because it might hurt the feelings of radical Islamic terrorists

The recent terror attacks in London have re-energized the debate over the term “radical Islam,” but not among students interviewed, nearly all of whom insisted that it is “wrong” to employ the phrase.

Campus Reform  Curious to know where college students would come down on the matter, Campus Reform headed to Washington, D.C. to ask students at George Washington University a simple question: “Should we use the phrase ‘Radical Islam,’ or is it too offensive?” Quickly, it became clear that students found the phrase abrasive and unnecessary.

Another student objected that “the term ‘radical’ isn’t often assigned to any other religion; it’s only used with Islam,” but when pressed to name any terrorist attacks committed in the name of other religions, the student conceded that “I can’t name any off the top of my head, actually.”