[UPDATED] MUSLIM MAYOR of London refuses to answer question about protecting Jews (from Muslim violence)

Just what you’d expect from a Pakistani Muslim mayor like Sadiq Khan, who said that Islamic terror attacks are part of living in the big city.

[UPDATE] And now we know what this discussion was all about: 

PWS  (h/t Christine D) Britain’s new normal. For the second night in a row Muslim youth gangs moved into London’s largest Jewish community with knives, baseball bats, and machetes to beat and terrorize innocent Jews in their own neighborhood. At least one person was stabbed during a mass brawl in Stamford Hill in which dozens of violent youths clashed using bats, knives and even machetes following an illegal rave, according to reports from The European Union Times.

Riot police were dispatched to stop the “violence involving machetes and swords after illegal rave” in Stamford Hill near Lynmouth Road, Shomrim N.E. London, a neighborhood watch group said on Twitter.

Social media reports from the scene indicated that around 30 young people brandishing an assortment of weapons, ranging from knives to bats, fought each other and vandalized vehicles in the neighborhood.