Yes, Japan certainly is capable of doing a lot more for the resettlement of Muslim refugees…but it never will

Every few months, some leftist politician along with the United Nations whine about Japan not taking in their fair share of Muslim refugees (less than 20 per year).

On the other hand, NOBODY ever complains about the oil-rich Arab Muslim Gulf States not taking in any Muslim refugees, even though Saudi Arabia has air-conditioned, furnished tents with cooking and bathroom facilities, which can house 3 million people at a time.

According to Human Rights Watch, when looking for solutions to the global refugee crisis, Japan is often identified as a country that could do more. It contributes generously to the United Nations refugee agency but does very little in terms of accepting asylum seekers in Japan, especially MUSLIM asylum seekers.

The Tokyo Reporter reported that of the handful of Muslim refugees Japan did accept last year, two of them, aged 22 and 16, have already gang-raped, assaulted, and robbed a 31-year-old Japanese female.

On a recent visit to Tokyo I raised this issue in meetings with members of both houses of parliament from the ruling coalition. We discussed resettlement. In each meeting, the most awkward moment came when I presented the politician with a list of countries that have resettled refugees, and how many they have accepted. The politician scanned the list, saw that other advanced economies had resettled many thousands of refugees, and noted that Japan’s total was less than 20 per year.

The current government, like its predecessors, repeats the stance that Japan is not an “immigration country.”  But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a country of asylum, as it has ratified the United Nations Refugee Convention. The current, tiny resettlement program allows Syrian students to come to the country, but only 30 students and their immediate family members every year. (But they have to leave when they finish)

What Human Rights Watch conveniently fails to mention is that there have been no Muslim terrorist attacks in Japan because there are so few Muslims in Japan, and most are temporary workers (no welfare for Muslims in Japan) from Indonesia.

In 2012, there was a Muslim protest in Tokyo against the Coptic Christian filmmaker who made the film “Innocence of Muslims” (about the murdering tyrant and paedophile prophet Mohammed). The Tokyo police shut it down in short order and there have been no Muslim protests since then.