NEW JERSEY: Muslim carjacker who drove the getaway car as his accomplices killed a man for his Range Rover smirks as he is sentenced to life in prison

Oh, you won’t hear from the leftist media that Basim Henry and and at least two of his three accomplices are Muslim converts, but just look at their first names (left to right): Kevin Roberts, 33, Basim Henry, 32, Hanif  Thompson, 29, Karif  Ford, 31.  Basim Henry, the South Orange man who was convicted of murder during a carjacking at the Mall of Short Hills in 2013, will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Henry (below in court) was sentenced this afternoon by Judge Michael Ravin. He also got 10 years for possession of a weapon by a felon, to run concurrently to his murder sentence.

Henry, the first of four to face charges for the murder of Dustin Friedland, was found guilty of felony murder, murder, possession of a weapon without a permit, possession of a weapons for an unlawful purpose, carjacking, conspiracy to commit carjacking and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

Henry was the driver on the night in question, bringing the other men to the scene and driving the vehicle away. Henry was also on probation at the time of the carjacking for a 2003 bank robbery in Union.

Friedland and his wife, Jamie (below) had spent the day shopping and having dinner to celebrate their anniversary.

Dustin Friedland, 30, was gunned down after letting his wife Jamie, 27, into their $80,000 Range Rover before being accosted by carjackers at a shopping mall in New Jersey. Fearful for his wife’s safety, he resisted and four shots were fired – including one fatal shot in the head after Henry, Hanif Thompson, Kevin Roberts and Karif Ford allegedly carjacked his Range Rover in the mall’s parking deck.

Jamie Friedland was the first witness to testify and recounted the tragedy of that December night.

“I heard muffled talking,” Jamie Friedland testified. “I turned around and saw Dustin standing with two men at both sides, one shorter and one taller. I saw a struggle. I saw the taller man put a gun to Dustin’s head. Then a shot went through the window.”

Jamie Friedland’s boss said the only reason Dustin Friedland would ever become involved in an altercation would be to protect his wife. ‘Dustin was rational, intelligent and had great judgment,’ Adam Leitman Bailey told the New York Daily News. ‘I highly doubt that he fought the attackers to save his car. I do believe he would fight for his wife’s life.’ The family of the couple have said Dustin Friedland would have readily handed over his car keys to avoid a confrontation.

Dustin’s funeral

Thompson is suspected of being the person who shot Dustin Friedland. He is also accused of getting into the Range Rover, pointing the gun at Jamie Friedland and ordering her to get out of the car.

“I turned around and saw Dustin laying there in a pool of blood,” Jamie Friedland said. “I ran over to him, and I was screaming. I was screaming, ‘Stay with me.’ I saw him gasping for breath and his eyes looking at me.”