After being outed as lead purveryor of “fake news” about Russia, CNN gets back to “serious reporting” to regain credibilty

BREAKING NEWS about Barack Hussein Obama:

But will they get “serious” about reporting accurate portrayals of Islamic terror attacks in Israel? Don’t hold your breath:

Below is a headline that CNN used to report: “Two Muslim terrorists armed with a handgun, knives and axes entered a synagogue in a peaceful neighborhood in Jerusalem and slaughtered Jews who were in the middle of morning prayer.”

There is nothing new here and nothing has changed. Islamic terror has been hitting Israel for 66 years and it is only the press that has excused such horrific terror attacks as acts of freedom fighters.

  • The Jews these Muslim terrorists hacked to death were not living in a settlement and were not in IDF uniform.

  • The Jews these Muslim terrorists murdered in cold blood were from the Ultra Orthodox community who do not draft to the IDF at all!

  • The Jews these Muslim terrorists murdered do not ascend the Temple Mount and are not part of the settlement movement

The radical Islamic propaganda machine, backed by the mainstream media, will have you believe that all terror acts are justified reactions to anti-Islamic behavior.

  • What anti-Islamic behavior did the Jews praying in a synagogue ever demonstrate towards these two Jihadists?

  • Was it the job the local market gave these two Muslim terrorists or the rights the State of Israel gave them as a residents of Jerusalem that caused them such fury?

  • Was it social security Israel gave them or the civil rights and benefits they received that caused them to slaughter Jews who were praying?


Not much better was the Australian Daily Telegraph that reported “IDF Shoots 2 Palestinians After Attack” WHAT??? Didn’t they mean 5 Jews hacked to death by Muslim terrorists?

Although CNN and The Daily Telegraph proved their total indifference when it comes to Muslims murdering Jews, the Canadian CBC News channel takes the prize with the most offensive and immoral headline covering this morning’s slaughter of Jews!

BBC wins the prize for obfuscation in reporting the terrorists behind all these shootings and attacks were Muslims.

Donald Trump, Jr. clarifies the above misleading headline:

It was actually two Palestinian Muslims who killed all the Jews in the synagogue, but you’d never guess it:

In the below German attack, it was a Syrian migrant who set off the blast: