AUSTRALIAN SENATOR stands by her controversial views about Islam

Jeff Jefferies asked the Senator Pauline Hanson if, in fact, she did say that “Islam is a disease?” “Yes, I did,” Senator Hanson responded, “Australians should be vaccinated against it, by all means.”

The original Youtube video here that featured this interview has been taken down by the Youtube Nazis. So I am posting some other videos from Pauline. –BNI

Pauline Hanson’s halal food victory: One Nation Party succeeds in passing new regulations to control Islamic ‘halal’ certification in Australia.

(h/t Sara S) Do you realize that you are paying a tax/surcharge that funds ISLAMIC TERRORISM around the world as well as ISLAMIC SCHOOLS AND MOSQUES in Australia, when you buy halal-certified products, many of which, UNTIL NOW, have not been labeled as “halal?”

Pauline Hanson has won a political victory with her Senate colleagues backing her campaign for Muslim-friendly halal-certified foods to be more clearly labeled.

Many meats and popular supermarket products including Vegemite, Cadbury chocolates and Kellogg’s breakfast cereals are halal certified, which means consumers are funding Islamic schools and mosques. 

The ONE NATION leader’s call for more transparency on Muslim-friendly foods comes 18 months after a Senate inquiry called for food manufacturers to more clearly label third-party certification.

Why should you as an Australian be concerned about Halal Certification?

By buying Halal certified products, it means that you are financially supporting the Islamization of Australia, including Sharia Law, which opposes our Australian Constitution and democracy. The Halal certification fees extracted from companies would have to be passed on to the consumer as this is a large cost to them.

Australians are being forced, and we will use the word forced, to buy food that is Halal certified. This means food that has been subjected to approved certification systems, which guarantees to the consumer that nothing in the food has any forbidden components such as blood, pork, alcohol, and the flesh of carnivores or carrion, not to mention coming from an animal which has not been slaughtered in the correct manner (having its throat slit). 

Halal certificates are issued, for a fee, by a certifying body. This system began in the 1980’s.

Australian icon Cadbury paid to have the Halal certification on their Easter product range in 2014, even though Easter is a Christian celebration and nothing to do with Islam. It is reported 71 of Cadbury’s products are halal certified.  

NEVER BUY anything with these labels on them:


Other Australian iconic brands and names paying for Halal certification include, Coles and Woolworths white milk, sour cream and some bakery items, Aldi, Franklins, Kellogg’s Cornflakes and All Bran, MasterFoods, Sara Lee, Nestle, Bega Cheese, Dairy Farmers, Heinz, Colgate, Tassel, Stengel’s Chicken and Sanitarium’s Weet-Bix to name some out of a reported 900 Australian companies and growing. 

This tax is an impost on the Australian consumer, of which 98% are non-Muslim. Australians are struggling to meet every day cost of living and should not be forced to pay extra. Another great concern is, that some of the monies indirectly supports terrorism. 60% of Halal food in France is controlled by an organisation belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood. Other taxes collected go to Islamic schools and mosques or directly in to the pockets of those who see this as a viable profit making business.