CHEDDAR’S SCRATCH KITCHEN in Texas denies service to a customer who refused to be waited on by a Muslim server wearing an Islamic supremacist headbag (hijab)

According to BNI reader, DOB, she was refused service at a Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen restaurant in  Grand Prairie, TX, because her alleged “intolerance” of Muslim supremacists is considered a “hate crime” by the restaurant chain.

WHAT HAPPENED according to DOB:

“I asked to be moved from a table with a hijabed waitress to another section. I was moved. Two apparent low-level managers (I’m guessing) came up and asked me why I wanted to move. I was honest, I said: ‘Islam is not a creed I can tolerate, but I don’t want the girl to lose tip money so put someone else at her table. I was quiet; I didn’t make a scene, I didn’t go crazy and tell the hijabed girl to get out of my face, etc. Then, the general manager came up and asked me again for my reason for moving, and I again said the same thing.”

“He then told me they WOULD NOT SERVE ME and was told to LEAVE THE BUILDING because it was ‘company policy’ not to tolerate any form of discrimination — in this case, clearly ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘racism’ in their stores and that included from customers. Note: I know my subject well: Islam is not a race.”

So I left.

“I’ve since tried to get confirmation of the ‘company policy”’that discriminates against its customers. But corporate HQ in Dallas, TX does not allow direct discussions with the Public Relations VP; I can tell my problem to the receptionist who answers the phone, which seems to be it, which is not acceptable. The receptionist will not give out email addresses. I have left messages with the corporate attorney to confirm that “company policy” of discrimination against customers in the form of refusal of service.”

DOB told BNI:

“This is one of those damned if I did, damned if I didn’t situations. On the one hand, I did state the issue as being based on my dislike of Islam, which can easily be used against me these days, freedom of thought and speech being on such a thin edge . . . but on the other, saying nothing is exactly what we’re being trained and terrorized into doing; it’s classic ‘by their hands”’behavior taught by the Muslim Brotherhood; they’ve made people think Islam is a race and Cheddars is helping them spread that vile propaganda.”

“And also don’t dare say a word about this out loud for fear of handing the Muslim/Muslima a ‘victim status’ case . . . and yet we who are in this battle know that thousands of individual push-backs have to happen to make a grassroots change outside our choir.”

“Islam is dangerous; we cannot know which, when, or if an individual Muslim or Muslima will ‘take up the sword.’ Silencing/punishing those of us who point that out (by publicly objecting in even the smallest ways to the incursion of Islam in the country) is, at the least, foolish, but it’s what’s happening everywhere in the USA.”

UNDER ISLAM, Muslims not only aren’t allowed to eat pork products, they are not allowed to handle them. So why is would a Muslim woman ever consider working at Cheddar’s Scratch kitchen considering all the pork products on their menu? Isn’t she blaspheming her religion by doing so?







Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen
4106 S Carrier Pkwy
Grand Prairie, TX 75052
TEL: 972-264-0794
General manager: Mark Akis.
Cheddars’ Irving, TX district office legal VP, Sally Goebel, did not respond to my call for verification of company policy to throw out customers. Ditto, no response: CEO Gene Lee:; Public Relations, R Jeffers: