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  1. As a kid growing up in the UK, I never heard of these types of acid attack crimes. They are simply fuelled by the influx of muzzrats were now infested with.

    Whats also interesting is how the male muzzrat cousin who was also attacked whilst out with her, is claiming that if it were white UK citizens who were attacked, the police would of caught the person responsible by now and he suggested the attack would of been written up as a terrorist attack and not a hate crime.

    When was the last time any of us in the UK saw a media report when a description of the attacker was given out if he is a Paki, muzzrat or none white descendent ??? I have lost count how many incidents either go unreported in the media, or no description is given. Then the cops are retarded enough to ask for info about the given attacks or form anyone in the vicinity at the time. You can see the irony here ???

    We had a female gang raped by three guys around Christmas time literally just down the road from where I live. This is a very low crime area and these such attacks are unheard of. Yet some 7 months on, we have never been given a description of the scum..

  2. What needs to happen is to start throwing acid in muslim men’s faces. They need to be brought down as much as possible. We don’t hear Western feminists speaking out on all these so called honor crimes, or muslim male privilege.

  3. Somebody should show these pictures to some of the demented bleeding hearted Islamic appeasing feminists out there and see what there reaction and comments are.
    No doubt they will push the old “Cultural” line and defy any knowledge or will not comment. Feminists are the height of the Hypocritical ladder.

  4. Gosh, It’s full on to view those images, but I thank you for doing so, the reality of the world is not found in a liberal group hug, but in the homes and on the streets where violence and true intolerance thrives. I remember saying to people during the whole Pussy hat wearing Trump hating protests earlier, “Why are you not protesting at the hundreds of women in Pakistan (for example) who get acid thrown in their faces every year by family and husbands! or the brutal stoneage practice of FGM This is the real violation of women’s rights,” not Trump’s 15 year old male banter! And culture is no excuse for abuse!!

  5. it”s a “cultural thing” like FGM, wife beating, baacha baazi, wife beating, mental instability, incest,benefits scrounging, etc, etc….
    nothing to do with islum

    to hell with islam

  6. We must revisit our right against “Cruel and Unusual” punishment …. let the circumstances of the crime …. define the context of “Cruel and Unusual” …. it is cruel to the innocent …. if we don’t mete out appropriate punishments ?

  7. Lol the ugly face of Islam lol. Wonder how long before Europeans will be the victims. Enjoy your cultural enrichment

  8. Western leaders are determined to import ALL of the HORRORS of Islam into our nations.

    The women were beautiful.

    May the women one day come to know our Wonderful Creator — the One True God who is Merciful and Kind, Pure, Holy and Absolutely Good — the complete opposite of the Cruel Muslim god.

    On Judgement Day, they’ll face the WRATH of an ANGRY GOD — the Just Judge, the HOLY ONE who will give back to the Evil Ones the terrible things they did to others:

    Bible, Proverbs 12:14
    The deeds of a man’s hands will return to him.

    God will show no mercy to those who showed no mercy. They’ll spend all eternity in hell.

  9. In Germany we actually hear more about Muslim related honour killings (by strangling, stabbing or gun wounds), defacements or disabilities from knife wounds and occasionally women burned (fire, hot oil etc.) instead of acid attacks.
    Stunning is that about 25% of all victims of abusive Muslim (Ex)partners are indigenous German women. With migrants preying on them for legal residency status alone that share can be expected to rise going forward.
    Only incidents where Muslim females get hurt are ever titled as honour crime though. German ones are categorized as victims of relationship dramas, fine difference there. The link below keeps track of such honour killings to some extend.


  10. We will be getting somewhere when CNN starts publishing these pictures and stories on a daily basis. Please don’t anyone here at BNI hold your breath waiting for that day, you are too valuable to lose. Truth is an endangered commodity these days. The lying MSM are the most twisted hateful group of people on the planet and their followers are the most mentally deprived.

  11. Thanks BNI for posting these. The enemy went into my smartphone and took out similar pictures. They really don’t want people see what the religion of Satan -I mean peace does. Protect these pictures so you got them for proof. Think pig infidels. God’s answer

  12. Thank you BNI for showing some of the aspects of Islam – the religion of shit – I mean peace. Now I can copy these again cause the Obamanistas- took them out of my smart phone. We should all make posters up -even muhammed and put them everywhere if they try to hinder free speech. Think pig Infidels-PIG. God’s answer!!

  13. What evil religion does something this cruel to a woman? Islam does!

    How can any Feminist support Islam? How can the LGBTQ community support Islam?

    How can the SJWs support Islam?

    How can even Antifa support Islam?

    They must be a part of the problem. They must be part of the Cultural Marxism that is spreading its sharp, evil tendons across the West.

    They all must go, even if we have to pay for their one-way tickets to any of the 56 Islamic tyrannies worldwide…send them there to live their unicorns and rainbows fantasies out.

    • Agreed Id love too see these feminist beatches cop an acid attack in the face, multiple gang rapes and beatings before their useless heads are finally chopped off

  14. Poor women. These should be called, “Muslum acid attacks”. Not just, “Acid attacks”. I will make a point of correcting my terminology.

    • I dont feel sorry for them Muslim women help to bring their sons up to treat women like shyte and follow their rotten koran. They help to perpetuate the cycle of the evil that is Islam. Screw them will