Pennsylvania Senator and local residents fighting the secret sale of youth center property to a shady Islamic group

Senator Elder Vogel Jr.’s resolution to STOP the sale of the Youth Development Center to an Islamic-based educational company will be considered by the Senate. 

WFMJ  The YDC has been sitting vacant for over four years. Hira Educational Services of America bid $400 thousand for the YDC building in the beginning of June. This was the highest bid the state of Pennsylvania received, and they accepted it. 

However, Vogel and many of Shenango Township’s community members are not pleased that Hira is purchasing YDC. Meetings have been held in New Castle to discuss concerns held by those in Shenango Township. 

Hira’s non-profit status in New Jersey, their primary location, has been revoked after they failed to file an annual report for two consecutive years. Hira has also not responded to calls for comment by Representative Chris Sainato and 21 News.

“We want to know what their plans are. We want to know will you create jobs? Will you be a profit or a nonprofit? They don’t return phone calls. It’s hard to find anyone with this company,” said Sainato.