WHO CARES WHAT MUSLIMS WANT? French Mayor demands that pork be served in school lunches to promote secularism

 Mayor Michel Rotger decided to defend his district from Islam’s encroachment by refusing to give in to migrants repeated demands. Devout Muslims refuse to eat pork, a restriction that’s imposed on their children. Forcing schools to comply with Muslim religious demands is very expensive and time-consuming.

 And yes, Orthodox Jews don’t eat pork. So what do they do? They just don’t eat pork. They do not start riots or protests outside restaurants that serve it, or demand that schools serve pork-free lunches. They just don’t eat pork. What do they do? They pack their lunch. Unlike Muslims students who don’t eat pork and go to a public school. What do they do? Muslims demand the school cafeteria offer pork-free lunches.

Breitbart  Mayor Michel Rotger, a member of the conservative Republican party, said the move would promote secularism but would also save the local government money saying ‘alternative menus’ led to too much waste, L’Express reports.

“We are putting an operation in place so the children eat everything and their diets are balanced. There is too much waste so we will teach them to eat meat, be it poultry or pork,” Rotger said.

Parents of children who attend schools in the town, which boasts a population of around 10,000, were informed of the mayor’s proposal in a letter. The letter said the pork menu would promote the “ideas of secularism” and that only those with medical allergies would be able to opt out.

Some have spoken out against the mayor’s plans including Paul Garrigue, president of a group of associations which includes Amnesty International and the League of Human Rights. Garrigue said: “Today, we are talking about secularism in a generally anti-Muslim way.”

Conservative Daily  Students who don’t eat pork won’t be forced to consume. On days that the cafeteria is serving pork Muslim students can plan to bring their own meal from home. The new menu rules are intended to promote secularism rather than to discriminate.

France’s culture is struggling to adapt to a huge influx of Muslim migrants. The political chaos in the Middle East and North Africa has lead to a massive migration. More refugees and migrants currently reside in France than the government can properly care for.

If the Muslims who are newly residing in France want to survive they need to learn how to fit in with French people. Western culture is open and accepting, but Muslims must be willing countenance many things that might initially make them feel uncomfortable. French society is significantly freer than what they’re used to.

The debate over pork on school menus or in government canteens has been raging in France and elsewhere in Europe for years. As far back as 2014, the French mayor of Sargé-lès-Le-Mans said that school menus would feature “pork or nothing”.

But this isn’t the first French mayor to demand pork be reinstated on school menus: “You eat or you go'” policy makes Muslims furious as mayor scraps pork-free option on school dinner menu.

Express  MUSLIMS have been left furious after a French mayor announced Islamic children will no longer be offered a pork-free option at lunch in a cash-strapped school.

Marcel Berthomé, the centrist mayor of Saint-Seurin, a town in western France, said Muslims would have to make do with a side dish on pork days because the “struggling” Saint-Seurin-sur-l’Isle primary school could no longer afford to offer children a non-pork alternative.

But Mr Berhomé’s decision to scrap pork-free meals from the menu has caused consternation among Muslim parents, who claim their children are being discriminated against because of their faith.

Sonia, a mother whose five-year-old son does not eat pork, said the mayor had launched a scathing attack on the local Muslim community.  “It should not be up to the mayor to decide what’s in my child’s plate. He’s basically saying: ‘You eat or you go.’”