Designated Terrorist Group CAIR whines about Supreme Court approved Trump Muslim travel ban…AGAIN!

CAIR LITIGATION JIHADISTS are swarming U.S. airports to help Muslim jihadists affected by the ban:

CAIR spokesrobot says CAIR has pledged to challenge the Muslim ban on “moral and legal grounds.” (Because the ‘man-made’ Supreme Court of the United States doesn’t trump Allah’s law which calls for every country on earth to be ruled by sharia)

And here we have another spokesjihadist from CAIR and the Hamas-supporting, sharia-promoting, fake feminazi Linda Sarsour.

CAIR claims the Supreme Court decision is “not grounded in jurisprudence because the “Trump administration is engaging in unprecedented, bigoted actions.” Sarsour says it’s racist that “grandparents and fiances are not bonified relationhips” worthy of entry denied into the US. This move is rooted in xenophobia and Islamophobia.”  Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch wanted the ban on ALL Muslims from the six countries and say the current ban doesn’t go far enough.