FRANCE: African Muslim refugee child filmed trying to rape a little French girl

The Snapchat, filmed by Muslim migrants in France, recorded a migrant child of African Muslim descent forcing himself on a young French girl. Cheering could be heard in the background.

Gee, I wonder how such a little Muslim boy could have learned that all non-Muslim girls are whores who deserve to be raped?

Squawker (h/t Cleverson Y)   This interaction isn’t just harmless child’s play, but sexual and malicious. The young men who recorded did nothing to stop or correct the youngster, but cheered him on instead. The children look to be around seven.

The accomplice who recorded and posted it online retweeted some reactions to the video.  You can also go to his Twitter here and see the retweets yourself. Also, if you see MDR (mort de rire) it is shorthand-slang for “dying of laughter” in French.