Tortured for Islam, not just in 57 Muslim countries, but in the West, too

The Islamic Festival of Sacrifice (Eid) moves the halal (Islam-approved) animal torture from the slaughterhouses into the streets as large crowds gather to watch and often participate in the brutal and painful sacrifice of fully-conscious animals.

Animals Australia undercover investigators have filmed the inhumane and agonizingly slow slaughter of animals, in an ongoing effort to Ban Live Exports from Australia to the Middle East and South Asia — where streets have literally run red with the blood of animals. During the ‘Festival of Sacrifice’ terrified animals have their eyes stabbed, tendons slashed, and throats clumsily cut open.

Panicked sheep and goats tied up, beaten, shoved into car truncks in scorching heat, and brutally slaughtered in the streets. Even in a so-called ‘approved’ slaughterhouse, suffering was extreme — with helpless animals left to die slowly as they choked on their own blood.





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