CAIR-Florida spokesjihadist says “Islamophobia is one of the biggest threats that faces America and is much more dangerous than Islamic terrorism”

Hasan Shibly, Executive Director of designated terrorist group CAIR in Tampa since 2011, thinks terrorism is the least thing that could kill you and that Islamophobia is not the result of bad things Muslims do, but rather bad things the Islam-haters want you to think Muslims do. Shibly’s main goal is to stop resistance to Islam and sharia in America.

h/t Damon Rosen

CAIR and Shibly currently use non-violent means to slaughter those who resist. He and CAIR designate select individuals as Islamophobic, they teach Muslims how not to cooperate with local law enforcement and the FBI, and promote policies that stop resistance to Islam, primarily via law suits, known as lawfare or litigation jihad.