Did you know that Justin Trudeau’s sickening apology and $10.5 million payoff to Muslim terrorist Omar Khadr was NOT even ordered by the Canadian Supreme Court?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, did you know that Omar Khadr was NOT even considered a child soldier (at 15), under the laws of the International Criminal Court, when he killed an American soldier in Afghanistan?

Justin Trudeau took the coward’s way out this week and offered an apology to Omar Khadr and a quickly cashed $10.5 million payment, all while escaping questions from Parliament and the media. Brian Lillie debunks more myths about Omar Khadr and asks you to consider donating to The Rebel’s crowdfunding campaign for the family of the American solider killed by Khadr who should have received this money, not the terrorist who killed him. Go to SpeerKids.com.