AUSTRALIA’s One Nation Party candidate under fire for joking about an “insecticide that can rid the country of Muslims”

A candidate for Pauline Hanson’s (anti-Islamization) One Nation party has been slammed after joking with a voter that claimed Australia could benefit from an insect repellent spray that rids the country of Muslims. (What a great idea!)

UK Daily Mail (h/t Sara S)  Scott Dare, who is campaigning in Murrumba for a seat at the upcoming Queensland election, posted a list of things he would ‘work to achieve’ if elected to parliament.

Responding to one of his election promises – to rid the area of mosquitoes – one voter wrote: ‘There is a spray for Mozzies and Muzzies!! (derogatory term for Muslims) It would be great to rid Australia of both.’

Instead of condemning the man’s racist comments, Dare laughed and wrote back: ‘I hear you there Jeff!’ When Dare was contacted by Buzzfeed, he reportedly deleted the post (Bad move).  

The 35-year-old father-of-three, whose slogan is ‘Dare For Change’, is described as a ‘new breed of politician’ on the One Nation official website.

‘Scott has a got correct mindset and a strong moral compass, and if elected, will work as hard as he possibly can to do the right thing for the people,’ his bio reads. 

In his Facebook status, Dare also vowed to keep the government accountable for ‘useless reviews, investigations, commissions and politician perks.’

When one social media user questioned him about his Party’s push for a Royal Commission into Islam, he was quick to reply. ‘Read the book “The Story of Mohammed” and then tell me Islam is a religion and not a political ideology,’ he shot back.