NETHERLANDS City Council chooses Muslim for mayor who supports Muslim Brotherhood and extremist Islamic leaders

The city council of Arnhem has just approved the selection of Ahmed Marcouch (photo right), a fundamentalist Muslim as the next mayor of this city. Marcouch is of Moroccan origin and ex-MP of the Dutch Socialists (PvdA).

Roni Stoker He was elected by the city council out of 21 other candidates. He is known as a strict fundamentalist Muslim and a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and especially its notorious extremist spiritual leader, Yusuf al Qaradawi.

While he was the Socialist Party (PvdA) chairman in one of the Amsterdam districts, he worked on a project to transform the suburb Bos and Lommer into an official Muslim suburb.  Not surprisingly, Geert Wilders pf the Party for Freedom is horrified by the nomination.