The ultimate Muslim butt-hurt video from the NCCM (Canada’s version of designated terrorist group CAIR)

This tear-jerker piece of crap video attempts to equate anti-Muslim sentiment with “racism” even though everyone knows Islam is not a race. It also tries to distance Muslims from the violent teachings in their holy books, while trying to convince us that Muslims are “human.”

It totally ignores the fact people in the West are beginning to understand that Islamic terrorism isn’t limited Muslims who are setting off bombs and killing innocent people. It is a warped, radical ideology that commands Muslims to use violent jihad as a part the overall plan for ‘civilization jihad’ that will force Islam on the whole world.

It focuses on the Muslim/Leftist favorite talking point that “Islamophobia” is real  and that the hate and ‘misunderstanding’ are very common amongst those who cannot differentiate between radicalized individuals and those who practice ‘real Islam.’ Islamophobia is not an irrational fear of Islam, it is a justified fear of the very ideology followed by every “real Islam-practicing Muslim.” Just read the Muslim holy book – the quran.

There’s even a pathetic website, Break the Barrier, associated with this video that asks you to take a pledge for a “racism-free Ontario.” But even a racism-free Ontario would NOT eliminate all the anti-Muslim blowback that is the direct result of anti-Western Muslim behavior.

• I pledge to be an advocate for the values of Break the Behaviour, and to uphold its vision for a more inclusive, and racism-free Ontario.

• I will reject Islamophobia and racism in all its forms, and pledge to help take a stand wherever and whenever I encounter it.

• I understand that Ontario is a place where everybody deserves to feel at home, and will never undermine the dignity of my fellow Ontarians. Instead, I will commit myself to working to overcome inequality and achieving shared prosperity.

h/t JeloGC

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