MUSLIMS & LEFTISTS WHINING over T-shirt worn by New England Patriots coach, while real Americans are loving it

 Well known for supporting the military, New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick raised eyebrows with his choice of T-shirts when social media users began passing a photo of the coach wearing a shirt that depicts an attack by a soldier and military dog on an armed Muslim terrorist wearing a headrag.

Breitbart (h/t revereridesagain)  The photo shows Belichick wearing a green T-shirt with cutoff sleeves. Across the shirt’s front is a crude drawing of a green-clad soldier armed with an automatic weapon and standing smiling, as a yellow dog seems to be attacking a bearded man wearing a turban and dropping his own weapon. The turbaned figure has x’s for eyes, in the cartoon convention for death. Underneath the drawing is the phrase “Life is great.”

The Boston Herald reports that the shirt comes from the mind of former Navy SEAL Jim Amann, who had been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan with his K9 partner, Rocky. He now runs a company that offers training and other goods and services for K9 units. You can buy the shirt on the company website for $18.95. “If you are a military K-9 handler,” the site reads, “then life is great! Celebrate the end of Osama Bin Laden with this T-shirt.”

On one hand, the Boston Herald called Belichick a “true patriot,” but Vice Sports called the shirt “offensive.” Actually Vice Sports said bill-belichicks-t-shirt-is-fucked-up

Here’s a sample of what people tweeted back: