Sorry to say, I have still not found an online donation service to replace Paypal, which suspended my account without giving a reason. I now have reason to suspect that CAIR and SPLC are behind my suspension but there is no way to prove it and nothing I can do about it. Paypal has done this to a lot of people.

As you can see above, Paypal is holding my nearly $7,000 balance for 180 days as they have given themselves permission to do under their Terms of Service. The below class action lawsuit didn’t result in payment of any damages and the people involved in the suit still had to wait 180 days to get their money back. Paypal has since revised their Terms of Service to prevent these kinds of lawsuits in the future.

I greatly appreciate all those who have supported BNI in the past and who continue to do so. 100% of donations go toward paying the high cost of security and bandwidth for this site.

I am continuing to look for an online donation service for BNI and will let you know as soon as I find one.

I have tried to enlist two other online donation services but have been rejected, mainly because I am not a business or a charity. Therefore, as of today, I can only accept donations by checks through the mail. If you would like to contribute by mail, please email me for the details at [email protected]

Thank you.