Another anti-Muslim hate crime hoax?

UK Architect threatened by Muslim and Leftist trolls after he denies pulling the headbag (hijab) of a Muslim supremacist woman (photo below). Claims the accusations made against him are false after a tweet posted by the woman went viral.

UK Mirror (h/t Stuart B) Pawel Uczciwek denies the charge and said he was defending his girlfriend and said in a statement the allegations are not true and claims his black girlfriend was a victim of racial abuse.

The Muslim accuser, Aniso Abulkadir, said she was waiting for a tube at Baker Street station in the early hours of Saturday morning and claims “This man at Baker Street station forcefully attempted to pull my hijab off and when I instinctively grabbed ahold of my scarf he hit me. “He proceeded to verbally abuse my friends and I, pinning one of them against the wall and spitting in her face. “The woman (with him) was throwing out threats and was also verbally abusive.”

Uczciwek has since received threats from trolls on social media, with one saying: “You deserve to be beaten up, infact you deserve torture both of you cowards! You deserve to be killed infact and die a slow painful death!” Others warned he should ‘watch his back.’

He posted a statement on Twitter saying: “In regards to recent events I was accused of a completely false allegation. “As a result, one of the females in particular responded by making malicious COMPLETELY FALSE allegations against me and I would like to confirm I NEVER hit, or attacked anyone I simply defused the situation by separating them.

A British Transport Police spokesman told the Mirror Online: “We are investigating both elements of the allegation of the hate crime and the counter allegation by the gentleman on Twitter.

ACCUSER Aniso Abulkadir is kind of a slutty Muslim showing off her boobs like this