SHARIA-COMPLIANT FACEBOOK kills the ‘Counter Jihad Coalition’ page without an explanation

Of course, everyone knows the reason. Facebook owner and Angela Merkel’s bitch, Mark Zuckerberg, vowed to get rid of anti-Muslim/anti-Islam comments on Facebook, following the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris and other cities in Europe by Muslim jihadists.


According to Steve Amundson of the Counter Jihad Coalition (CJC):

“The Counter Jihad Coalition Facebook page was put together to inform and educate people on the threat posed by Muslims and their goal of implementing Sharia. We would also report on public outreach events we hold at different venues, again reporting about the threat to our national security.

Short videos were posted showing debates we have with all people. Pictures of our booth at events would be posted to show people how easy it is to start up a CJC in their city. Articles and pictures of people persecuted by Jihad, which includes Muslims, would also be posted.

Then on Tuesday July 11, 2017, Facebook unpublished our page. When I went to log on, I received a message that they were blocking posts for 24 hours due to a violation of their public policy. My emails inquiring into what we did wrong have gone unanswered. Now almost a week later we are still banned when they said it was a 24 hour ban. And I still do not know the specific reason we were banned.

We ask everyone to click on the blue question (“?”) on the top-right corner of their Facebook Homepage. Then select Report a Problem at the very bottom of the box and go to the General Feedback section and write in to request that the CJC page, which is a freedom-supporting and human-rights page, to be put back up.” (h/t Jihad Watch)

You can still visit the website here: Counter Jihad Coalition

Below is an interview with Steve Amundson:

But Facebook is fine with hate speech when its posted by Muslims and Jew-haters: